National Game Registry 1982: Q*bert

original platform
key personnel
Warren Davis
Jeff Lee

Q*bert’s lot in life is to jump on each block within a pyramid before moving onto another pyramid to repeat it all.  Unfortunately, some forces are unhappy with Q*bert’s behavior and for reasons known only to them feel compelled to disrupt his endeavor.  These enemies include nondescript, aimless blobs as well as vicious, bouncing snakes that pursue Q*bert directly.  More annoyingly, some enemies, hiding their shame behind sunglasses, can undo Q*bert’s progress.  Q*bert isn’t completely defenseless; he can lead the snakes to their deaths by jumping off of the pyramid onto flying saucers that resemble the game Simon.


Q*bert was inducted on April 16th, 2009.

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4 responses to “National Game Registry 1982: Q*bert

  1. I’ve never understood why this didn’t catch on the way Pac-Man did. While I never really played it (if ever?) as a kid, I always thought it seemed really cool.

  2. Well, few games were as big as Pac-Man, but Q*bert was a big-ass hit. Your perception that it didn’t catch on might have something to do with the fact that the game has little legacy – few sequels and the company that made Q*bert, Mylstar/Gottlieb, is long gone. It was widely ported, too, we had it on the Commodore 64. In sort of a reversal, I never really played Burgertime until a couple of years ago, and that game was as widespread as Q*bert.

  3. This will probably be the only National Game Registry entry I will EVER respond to–not much of a gamer, per se [read: I enjoy sex with girls]–but m’yeh…

    I have maintained within my bosom but TWO über-goals premised upon the contingency that, at some point in my life, I shall attain nouveau riche status: 1) install a private (but very respectable) two-way roller coaster leading from the main portion of my gaudy, gold leaf-filigreed manse to the diamond-siding’d practice/studio space/Lair of Antisocialism housed further off in the surrounding woods and inaccessible by any other means; and 2) purchase a mint-condition arcade module of “Q*bert.”

    That’s it. No real point to this response. I just think my life’s ambitions are terrific, s’all…

  4. Q-bert was one of my favorites. I actually mastered the game and ended up playing for the better part of a day and reached the highest score possible on the game – at that point the game actually stops. I think it was 999,990 but it may have been 99 million – it was so long ago. Loved the game.

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