Pottery Barn doesn’t get earth day

Oh, Pottery Barn.  I’ll admit that I like you and your soft linens and solid wood furniture, but I think you kind of miss the point of Earth Day.  Yes, it’s nice for a consumer to not have to pay for shipping, but why encourage the release of more emissions and increase in packaging by encouraging us Americans to sit at our computers and buy linens online when we could easily purchase them at your store?  How preposterous!





3 responses to “Pottery Barn doesn’t get earth day

  1. another thing that i wish more people and companies would think about is where their products are produced and manufactured. i mean…if it’s made in some sweatshop in hong kong or something (which surprisingly many eco-friendly products are), well that doesn’t seem particularly environmentally friendly either, not to mention the humanity aspect.

    still, even though i get annoyed when i see corporations and the media cashing in on the “green” fad (as if meredith viera and matt lauer drinking coffee from ceramic mugs instead of styrofoam cups really matters…i just made that up but seriously i hate the today show and they are notorious for this…), ANYWAY i’m still glad that people are at least doing SOMETHING because since basically everybody is doing some small thing now, that is making a big difference.

    so uh yay pottery barn…but try harder next time? i think that’s what i’m saying. and happy earth day.

  2. Pottery Barn doesn't get earth day .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

  3. thanks for the twitter publicity!

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