National Game Registry: Pepper II

United States Library of Congress

original platform
arcade (1982, Exidy)
notable conversions
ColecoVision (1983, Coleco)

The first question raised by Pepper II is, “where is Pepper I?”  Alas, unless the remnants of Exidy might be located and interrogated, the question will go unanswered.  Despite its name, Pepper II is indeed the first, and last, game to star Pepper.  His motivations are impossible to uncover, but his mission is to traverse an entire screen of zippers in a maze-like fashion clearly influenced by Pac-Man.  The maze is divided into several smaller sections that are filled in whenever Pepper zips up its surroundings.  However, if Pepper travels backwards around an unfilled section, he will undo the zipping he worked so hard to complete.  Certain sections contain items that serve the same role as power pellets from the influential Pac-Man, allowing him to destroy his enemies, which are numerous and quite aggressive.  Zipping up an entire screen completes it but each side of the screen leads to additional mazes, which Pepper may visit at will.  As such, Pepper may concentrate on one screen at a time or hop back and forth from one maze to another.


Pepper II was inducted on May 16th, 2009.

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