Mario Bros. II

I’m mentioning this game now cuz it sucks and will not be admitted to the National Game Registry.  In the early to mid-80z, Nintendo had a series of self-contained, LCD-screen handheld games called Game & Watch.  Some of these games were original (but not very) while others were adaptations of arcade games.  The Game & Watch release of Mario Bros. shared only its name with the arcade original, replacing the running with going up and down.  Yes, you get to control the two brothers simultaneously but all they can do is go up and down ladders sending cakes back and forth.

Fast forward to 1987.  SOMEHOW, some piece of shit company called Thundersoft acquired the rights to adapt this game to the Commodore 64.  They re-christened the game Mario Bros. II released it upon the world.  At this point, Super Mario Bros. was well on its way to becoming super mega famous but somehow Thundersoft failed to match their game art with anything that actually looks like Mario.  I mean, look at that fucking title screen/intro thing.

Notice that Nintendo isn’t mentioned anywhere in the copyright information.  However, I haven’t read anything that indicates that this is an unofficial release or bootleg.  Additionally, Nintendo was still in the business of licensing their properties out for other company’s systems, with Mario Bros. and Excitebike releases on the NEC PC88 computer (in Japan) as late as 1986 AND with Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. releases on the Atari 7800 as late as 1988.

The up/down cake thing was probably almost okay for a Game & Watch but for a full-blown home computer?  Not so much.  So watch the video, enjoy it for the novelty, and then kill your wife and kids before turning the walrus on yourself.

One response to “Mario Bros. II

  1. Wow…this has to be the laziest video game ever made!

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