Exciting timez

1) The war in Afghanistan continues.

2) The war in Iraq continues.

3) The USA/Mexico border drug war heats up.  Will we have to officially intervene?

4) The Navy supposedly intends to wipe out the Somali pirates.

5) The war in Afghanistan has spilled over into Pakistan and the Pakistani government is making all kinds of concessions to the extremists – some “experts” think the whole government might be on the brink.

6) Endless riots in Thailand.  A revolution?

7) BEST OF ALL.  Israel is again threatening to attack Iran.  DO IT.  FUCKING DO IT.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

One response to “Exciting timez

  1. Numbers one and two are not “wars,” cheese. How many time I do haf to be tellin’ y’all dis…? They’re “operations,” or, MORE precisely, INVASIONS. Congress must declare war. Not a fake President.

    Yes, number seven CONTINUES to be pretty hilarious. This is like the years-extended singular episode of a bully extorting milk money from the class runt in the school bathroom upon pain of physical aggression–except that, in THIS case, the class runt-in-question is REALLY a 7′, 257-lb. mongoloid behemoth with myriad OTHER similarly-built mongoloid behemoths stammering around likewise-confusedly/-meekly around him as he’s being extorted, and the bully-in-question is a 4′ 5″, 109-lb. pygmy pretty much flying bad-ass solo. Delicious.

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