Texas Secession

Perhaps you’ve heard about comments from the Governor of Texas regarding secession?  If not, he just made some off-hand remarks about not liking the stimulus and that it’s a rip-off and then hinting that if Washington continues to ignore Texan interests, the state may secede at some point in the future.  He then immediately stated that we have a great Union and there’s no reason to leave now, blah blah.

Well, the response from Texas Democrats has been lame:

Meanwhile, Texas Democrats have sharply criticized Perry’s original comment, calling it an “attack on our country.”

“It is the ultimate anti-American statement,” State Rep. Jim Dunnam of Waco told reporters Thursday.

I hope these same Democrats weren’t among those that constantly (and rightfully) criticized the characterization of anti-War Americans as ‘un-American’ during the Bush era cuz using it in this context is just as fucking stupid.  Complain about his comments on legal grounds or whatever but there’s nothing more un-American than to call someone un-American for expressing their position.  It’s not like he danced on the graves of veterans, or launched an attack on Louisiana, or even ate babies.

Personally, his comments were music to my ears.  I think the whole country would be better off by breaking up into regions or individual states and then forming more of a confederacy to look over some aspects of the whole area.  That way residents of the Midwest, for example, wouldn’t have their ‘national’ laws tainted by draconian congressmen from the South.  The government of each area would actually take on the culture and qualities of its area, instead of the homogenized mess that we have now.  So New York could have drive through abortion clinics and the South could burn gays.

The End.

6 responses to “Texas Secession

  1. I hope you aren’t inferring that baby-eating is, in fact, “anti-American.” ARE you…? ‘Cuz I can’t be friends with someone who thinks me a burgeoning Socialist-Communist-Fascist-African. Lovers, maybe… But you’re so far away (and uncircumcized)…

    If Texas thinks they have Mexican Invasion woes NOW, just WAIT ’til they secede! Personally, I would LOVE to see The Alamo reclaimed and returned to its pre-Ozzy glory. That being said, I think the Democrats-in-question are using the sly semantic argument of “anti-American” synonymous with “against the institution of The United States of America” and not “anti-patriotic.” Either/or, it’s Glen Beck-style retarded.

    Speaking of which: what DOES dumping one million tea bags on a tarp, only to clean them up again in an hour PROVE, per se…? He’p may atta this’un, yeah?

  2. PS: According to the innate logic of your closing analogy, how DO three gay men and their live-in sex-donkey have an abortion, drive-through or nay…?

  3. Sorry, but I can’t explain the teabag dumping. I think tax protests are probably long overdue but the whole Tea Party thing was pretty silly. Most of these people are just allergic to taxes. I would rather protest because I disagree with things that my tax money pays for, like WARS and the stimulus.

    But yeah, dumping tea and then cleaning it right back up . . . The real tea party involved STEALING tea and ruining it by dumping it. Real protestors would have done something similar like break into their local congressional office and stolen all the toilet paper.

  4. Federalism? What’s that? I dunno, but I guess we already have it.

  5. Dear John,
    I’m actually not quite sure what you’re saying but what I was trying to say is that I’d enjoy seeing a confederacy instead of our current federal system.

  6. Oh, John… Yet another of your wondrous rhetorical Bridges to Nowhere… You’re terrific, fella.

    These teabagging conventions are flawed simply in their founding principle. Latter-Day Teabaggers think they’re evoking the “taxation without representation” sentiment of the original Tea Party, but, the thing is, these modern-day complainants HAVE representation. They just don’t LIKE it. Not the same thing at ALL.

    Obama WAS elected (unlike Bush). He’s not a monarch (” “). The protesters need to drop the supposed parallel of righteous indignation, and just gripe about being taxed at ALL, as we all know they’d LIKE to (suddenly). Well, taxed at ALL regarding the “stimulus,” that is… These people were MORE than cool with being taxed for multiple, unfounded international invasions; extraordinary rendition; being spied upon; “reconstructions” of OTHER countries that NEVER HAPPENED (i.e. Halliburton, et al.); and paying for their social betters’ ease-of-taxation. That’s right! These were the same morons who LOVED it when they were being taxed at a double-pace rate to the very rich people who are now being helped out AGAIN. I guess the first guy who helped them was WHITE, though, so…

    And now, their tax rates have been LOWERED since the Bush-era rates, and they’re STILL bitching about over-taxation they had NO problem with twice-over during Bush. Genius.

    Step 1: They need to streamline their (supposed) approach. Get rid of all the “Obama was born in Africa”/”Obama is a communist-socialist-fascist”/”‘Obama’ sounds terroristy”/etc.-type douchebags, and just lie in UNISON about purportedly hating taxation now that a baby-killer is at the helm. There’s nothing “un-American” about saying “these people don’t represent our views. They’re here for completely unrelated purposes.” But, as of now, everyone with ANY brand of anti-Obama furor–crazy-ass or nay–are all being subsumed under the umbrella of “anti-Obama taxation.” The MAIN liars are shooting themselves in the face, here, AND, to boot, re-re-re-RE-alienating all the moderates who handed the election to Obama in the FIRST place. It’s just silliness. Case-in-redneck-point:

    Step 2: Know what you’re outraged ABOUT. The fact that these protesters are protesting at the behest of the newly-taxed upper crust [read: any Fox News personality]; doing the “dirty work” FOR the very people whose taxation relieves THEM–i.e. against their OWN interests–sort of AUTOMATICALLY renders their argument pathetic to behold. And, before its mentioned, these AREN’T the “EVERYONE should be treated equally” libertarian-minded folks showing up at these functions, so don’t fool yourself. There are NO altruists here. If there were, there wouldn’t be so many seemingly-facsimiled “MY kidses kids will’a been PAYIN’ fer dis, YERP!” signs and utterances and such at these congregations. These are INCREDIBLY self-interested people.

    They’re just not CONSISTENT about it.

    Step 3: Read a fucking book. It’s WAY more “taxation without representation” to be compelled into paying one’s country into a second Great Depression via the supposed “welfare” of a FOREIGN country than it is to exact a controversial form of relief for one’s OWN country. Obama may be an idiot for spending money on what he’s spending money on. I’m not arguing that this “stimulus” is a great plan. *I* think it’s retarded, as aforementioned in other posts. But at LEAST it’s for the perhaps-misguided, purported good OF the country, and not a faux-charitable “Iraqis deserve to be free! Let’s create a Depression for OURSELVES (and totally fuck up the Middle East equilibrium even FURTHER) to see that happen!” These protesters just show themselves to be partisan lemmings whenever they take up the banner for this type of hypocritical crap.

    Anyway, does anyone here know when Palin is going to die? It seems to be taking FOREVER…

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