National Game Registry: Nibbler

United States Library of Congress

key personnel
Joseph Ulowetz, John Jaugilas

original platform
arcade (1982, Rock-ola)

Lovable rascal though he may be, Nibbler failed to capture the hearts of gaming enthusiasts everywhere.  However, his first and to date only official outing is an extremely important outing nonetheless.  Nibbler combined the extending snake concept of Hustle and combined it with the maze chase and eating elements of Pac-Man and topped it all off colorful, inviting graphics.  As Nibbler winds his way through each maze, of which there are several, he eats several fruits to progress.  Each fruit slightly extends Nibbler’s body, making it difficult for our hero to avoid crashing into his own tail and losing a life.  Nibbler served as a template for the very widely distributed game Nibbles, which was bundled with versions of Microsoft Windows over several yeras, followed by the Snakes game included on many millions of cell phones the world over.  Nibbler is also notable for being the first game in which a player earned a score of one billion.


Nibbler was inducted on April 12th, 2009.

Return to the National Game Registry to view more inductees.

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