Why isn’t anyone in the news media comparing the whole Somalia pirate thing to US actions in Tripoli?  For those that don’t know, the 2nd military operation the US ever undertook, after the American Revolution, was an campaign against pirates based out of northern Afrika.  So come on, news, talk about it!

Also, why aren’t people more into the whole thing.  I mean . . . PIRATES.  And it’s the Year of Our Lord Twenty auht Nine.  Sure, these pirates ain’t romantic – I haven’t heard of them raping even a single lass.  They aren’t being semi-endorsed by the French, English and Dutch to raid the Spanish.  But goddammit, these are real life fucking pirates and they deserve our respect and our disain.


2 responses to “ANNOYING

  1. i’m glad i haven’t heard any hipsters get excited about these modern-day, somali pirates.

  2. On a related note, while I was watching the NBC news last Thursday, they were talking to one of the crew members via phone who survived the pirate attack. He quickly (and seemingly annoyed) explained how the attack went down, then ended the conversation with “but I actually have A LOT of things I have to do right now…” then hung up. It made for a humorous news report.

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