Will You Be Here Tomorrow?

This is what happens when someone raised on George Romero movies breaks into the world of safety videos:

Stolen from Videogum.


7 responses to “Will You Be Here Tomorrow?

  1. Hilarious. No redeeming quality to this video at all except for amusement. If I were an industrial worker I don’t think I’d be better prepared to work safely after viewing this. But it is a great video and some of the deaths were very nice.

  2. yes!!!!! the sound effects really sell this one.

  3. Sorry, I have more comments. This film is a real embarrassment of riches. I can’t decide which death is the best. I love how over the top things are. For example, the guy that places his ladder on some shaky pallets . . . they could have just had him fall off and break his legs or something. Instead, they have to impale him! I’m surprised they let the woman off with having her foot smashed by the tire when they could have had her head fly off or something.

  4. i felt like i was watching the omen 2 !!

  5. now i will know how to get into accidents when i start my factory job!

    ps you’re turning into me…i only post when i find a video on videogum that i think is good enough to steal.

  6. this video won’t stop being funny !

  7. This could be some fundamentalist Christian apocalypse movie. Will You Be Here Tommorrow? Or will God take your life before you’re saved.

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