Modern Pirates

The Somali Pirates have been in the news for the last few years but only recently hit the BIG TIME in the USA after they finally attacked a ship manned by Americans.  In the past they’ve gone after ships from China, Korea, Europe (Europe’s a country, right?) but we ignored it because we only care about the USA.  My girlfriend asked me what the pirates look like and I told her they were probably just black dudes with shirts, pants, and shoes.  I don’t know what she expected; parrots? big hats with skulls? bandanas?  So I looked for pictures online and here’s what I found.

Tracy Morgan?


Is the guy on the left holding a bazooka thing?

2 responses to “Modern Pirates

  1. it’s not exactly because it was an american ship, but mainly due to that they were holding hostages for a very large sum of money.
    other comments: europe is a coninent, not a country. that’s “captain” tracy morgan. and that is a bazooka, RPG actually. (rocket propelled grenade)

  2. First, this was not the first time they’d held hostages for a large amount of money. They’d held hostages from other countries on previous occasions. Second – the Europe is a country thing was a joke. Thank you.

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