Happy 1st Birthday!

Okay, so I just realized earlier this week that April 1st was the 1st birthday for The Noising Machine blog. HOORAY! We’ve made it an entire year. Well, obviously, I missed that date.  So instead, I thought I’d post on the one year birthday of my first post. Impressive, ne?

I thought it would be nice to post a brand-new Austria vs. Japan all about the Josef Fritzl trial which wrapped up just a few weeks back.  However, after I realized that the entire post I had typed up was deleted, I scraped that idea. Sorry.

Instead, I present you with another blog I started a few months back  entitled  I’ve Got an 8-Track Mind.  It’s just a place I’ve started posting various demos I’ve written. Some new, some old.  Some good, some bad.  If anything, it’s a way to catalog the stuff I’ve actually recorded and share it with other members of BP for possible induction into the band. Anyway, thought I’d share it. Enjoy.


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