National Game Registry 1983: I, Robot

original platform
key personnel
Dave Theurer

I, Robot features innovative, fully polygonal, 3D graphics.  Although not immediately evident, the gameplay is similar to the maze genre popularized by games such as Pac-Man and Burgertime.  Our robot hero navigates a maze of platforms floating in outer space; doing so fires beams at a menacing eye looming in the near distance.  If the robot jumps while the eye is open, the robot is destroyed.  When an area is completed, the eye is destroyed and play converts to an on-rails shooter section that leads to the next platform area.  Additionally, a “non-game” mode allows the player to simply doodle using polygons from the game.

I, Robot was inducted on March 10th, 2009.

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One response to “National Game Registry 1983: I, Robot

  1. this game looks like the most fun so far. and it makes me want to play starfox. what!

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