Operation: Judge a Book 2


DBA “Bubble

So I find this motherfucker. Look at this shit. If you’re going to try and look futuristic and all that don’t be a fucking cunt about it. First, the guy looks like the biggest douchenut of the century. I bet he’ll be shaking hands with Hitler when he dies. Is that their “spaceship”? It’s a fucking tube. What’s with the computer? It doesn’t do you any good when you can’t see the fucking screen. This wouldn’t be bad if they were in 3rd grade playing “spacemen” or some dumb shit you do when you’re that age. From this cover this is easily going to be a some euro-pop, barbie-girl, bullshit. That, or a slight chance of being Orgy.

The Verdict:
This is exactly as predicted. BULL. SHIT. I’m glad they went with this album cover because it is a good warning to those of us who don’t like shitty electronic music with some weak ass bitch singing in the background. I’m not as angered with listening to this one because I wasn’t surprised at the sound. Predictable. If you enjoy the sound of blood pouring out of your ears, PICK THIS UP!


4 responses to “Operation: Judge a Book 2

  1. miloprometheus

    Hysterical. Keep it up.

  2. sundrumlady

    wow i didn’t realize there was actually an “aqua”-esque electronic scene.

    so…are people bringing this shit into cd warehouse? or where are you finding these bands?

  3. It ain’t a komputer it’s a keyboard.

  4. yes this is something i found in the store. SOMEONE bought this sadly enough….

    and if you look to the bottom right hand corner you’ll notice a computer screen which is facing the opposite direction of them… not very useful…

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