National Game Registry 1980: Missile Command

original platform
key personnel

Dave Theurer

Missile Command is an innovative game deeply rooted in the society and times in which it was made, playing on Cold War tensions and fear of a nuclear attack.  Dozens of enemy missiles rain down upon six cities that the player must defend with a stockpile of defensive missiles.  As the game progresses, the intensity of the attack increases and players are forced to make sacrifices, letting some cities go until eventually all of the cities are destroyed and all hope is lost.

Missile Command was inducted on April 7th, 2009.

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2 responses to “National Game Registry 1980: Missile Command

  1. used to play this on my uncles old apple. don’t think it was my favorite, but for some reason i’d play it endlessly.

  2. ps- the narrator of the ‘arcade’ version. WOW

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