New music series

Okay, I’ve been wanting to make a music series for awhile.  I have narrowed it down to 2 very similar options.

Option 1: Best (aka My Favorite) Album of the Year for each year since 1960


Option 2: Ten Great Artists from each decade and I pick one of their albums from that decade to highlight.

The main difference is the Album of the Year option would probably have a bit less variety because some artists would get multiple wins but on the other hand that’s also a more hardcore way of approaching it.  On the other hand, the Ten Great Artists could be better because, for example, there are more great albums from 1967 alone than 1960-1963 combined.

Any ePinionz?

3 responses to “New music series

  1. miloprometheus

    Option 1

  2. ut oh.

    option 2.

  3. Well, after carefully considering both options, I will now weigh in. Sorry Greg, but I’m going to go with option 2.

    Now watch Matt disregard all input and create a 3rd option.

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