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National Game Registry 1983: Discs of Tron

original platform
key personnel
Robert Dinnerman

Discs of Tron is an early attempt at an immersive game experience, featuring a walk-in space filled with black lights, a pale glow, and surround sound.  The game itself presents a pseudo-3D playing field with a sinister landscape background.  Tron’s job is to eliminate his enemies, one at a time, in disc-based gladiatorial combat.  Tron aims his shots using an aiming reticule that spans the entire room in a 360 degree rotation.  He can release up to three discs at a time, using them to attack or to defend against enemy attacks.  Tron soon finds himself at a disadvantage as progressive rivals possess more several attacks beyond simple discs.

Discs of Tron was inducted on April 29th, 2009.

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70 Aspects Of Batman:4



Simon Bisley is a British artist who got his start, like so many British comic artists do, in the pages of 2000 A.D., a sci-fi anthology. His realistic/cartoony style, influenced by Frank Frazetta and Bill Sienkiewicz, made him a fan-favorite on the ABC Warriors and Slaine: The Horned God strips that first gained him attention. He first came to the attention of American comic readers with his work on Lobo, in partnership with Scottish writer Alan Grant. The pair also collaborated on the one-shot Batman/Judge Dredd: Judgement On Gotham, which saw The Dark Knight Detective team up with Mega City One’s baddest-assed cop to take down the dangerous duo of The Joker and Judge Death.





Also, he drew this cover about the time Batman met Predator for the second time:


Also of note is this hilariously arbitrary Elseworlds one-shot he did with Grant, Batman/Lobo. A personal favorite of Matt Goode.


Bisley also contributed art to a story written by Neil Gaiman that appeared in the Batman: Black & White miniseries, which also spawned a statue based on his Batman design.



So, Simon Bisley: a great Batman artist, and he drums in a metal band and can kick your ass.



CANON SONIQUE: a mixtape (17)

continuing the online mixtape.

song (17):

Belle And Sebastian“Lord Anthony”

this song is off of the album “Dear Catastrophe Waitress”, released in 2003.
belle & sebastian dear catastrophe waitress album art

Belle & Sebastian is a band from Scotland that formed in the mid 90s. they named themselves after a french children’s book called Belle et Sebastien about a boy and his dog. i haven’t read it. it’s probably good? i feel like i should write more, but… i’ve got nothing. give it a listen, though, cuz you will like it. thanks.

here’s part of a live version:

and here’s another song from this album; “i’m a cuckoo”:


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Beati Paoli “Girl Friday” Live Video

Beati Paoli performing the song “Girl Friday”.

this is from a show at The Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines, IA.

it was on 10.04.08 with one for the team, adam robert haug, deep sleep waltzing, and bradley unit.



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National Game Registry 1983: Mappy

original platform

Mappy is a particularly brassy policemouse who has taken it upon himself to invade the hideout of an cat burglar clan and reclaim their stolen property.  Perhaps expecting such intrusions, the cats have rigged their mansion with several degradable trampolines.  If the cats catch Mappy on solid ground he’s doomed but thankfully the villains are especially clumsy when it comes to doors.  Even when they open doors for themselves the doors swing out and knock them unconscious; thankfully but our hero is a sure-footed fellow and always keeps his balance.  The music is light-hearted and painfully catchy in a time when background music was a relatively new phenomenon in video games.  The Game Gear port offers new level designs and modes.

Mappy was inducted on April 27th, 2009.

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everything about this:


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National Game Registry 1983: Mario Bros.

original platform
key personnel
Shigeru Miyamoto

After playing the hero in Donkey Kong and the villain in Donkey Kong Jr., Nintendo offered Mario the chance to star in his own game.  Bringing his palette-swapped brother Luigi along, Mario descends into the sewers to eliminate various creatures whose crimes are as yet unknown.  Direct contact with these creatures – the turtle-like Shellcreeper, the insectoid Fighter Fly, and the crabby Sidestepper – is fatal so Mario and Luigi do what comes naturally to them; that is, they position themselves beneath the vermin and pound the ground beneath, stunning the creatures and softening them for a swift kick into the murky waters below.  Elements like Luigi, turtle enemies, and the proliferation of pipes, set the stage for the future of the Mario series.

Mario Bros. was inducted on April 22nd, 2009.

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