Operation: Judge A Book 1


Jason Hartless Jr“First Division”
Upon first look my “free association” with the album cover is TURD MONGER. I think I’ve seen this kid on Oprah or some shit being a waste of sperm. “I’m ten years old and can play drums!” Fuck you kid, I was ten and rollin’ blunts. Suck my dick. This album looks like it will be this shitty cheeseball dickin’ around on his Junior drum set with some other douche I’m sure playing guitar or keyboards.

The Verdict:
Holy shit. I can’t believe shit like this gets put out. Did anyone actually stop and listen to what the fuck they were doing. The kid sings on this. He’s a fucking tone deaf fuck yelling “All american boy” about a dozen times a verse. Can you guess what else? Some douchefuck plays guitar on this. Generic rock bullshit from some pisshead kid who plays drums as good as anyone else his age I’m sure of it. As for the relationship of the album cover to the music, the kid looks like a tool and this music is for tools so….GREAT JOB. If you actually bought this album, shame on you. Seriously, shame on you.


7 responses to “Operation: Judge A Book 1

  1. See, this is what I’m talking about Cecil. Keep it up!

    And congrats on figuring out how to post your avatar.

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  3. What label?

  4. You can hear some of this awful kid’s awful music and read about his awful life here: http://cdbaby.com/cd/hartlessjr

    PS – His hand is gigantic.

  5. Barkie Markie

    Funny Shit Cecil..
    I read that this Hartless kid was spotted on tour and signed a deal with Disney for studio and live work. 10 yr deal :(

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