I hate Obama’z stimulus plan. I really don’t know where I fit on the political spectrum but I know that this is way more socialist than I think is reasonable. The concessions we’ve made as a supposedly capitalist nation are just as dramatic as the concessions that Russia as a supposedly socialist nation has been making since 1990. You have to dance with the one that brung ya or you lose all integrity. There is now a precedent that whenever huge sectors of our economy fuck themselves, the government will rescue them. However, this whole thing has yet to play out and I’m very curious if the government itself will survive the bailouts or if the fedz will end up just as fucked as the banks and carmakers. The government is throwing out money that it doesn’t have, borrowing against the future, which is a ridiculous risk. I’d much rather see us enter a full depression and eventually emerge a more sensible and stronger nation. If we’re going to be socialists, then go all the way but don’t try to play it both ways. Throwing out nonexisting money isn’t much better than just printing more money, which would be almost as disastrous. All the corporations in trouble need to declare bankruptcy and sort out their affairs or go under, or the US government is going to end up having to do the same.

One response to “Stimulus

  1. I too am of the mind that the “too large to fail” banks should all just be allowed to declare bankruptcy. I am, myself, admittedly, no economist, but I would think the smaller, less-or-not-at-ALL-beholden-to-the-market banks across the country would REJOICE, and GLEEFULLY pick up whatever loans Americans currently hold with the uber-banks on taxpayer life support a la this plan. They would go out of their way(s) to DO so.

    And wouldn’t THAT spur the economy INCREDIBLY on the “Main Street” level, get the ball rolling on the investments side, AND kill off the governmentally-interwoven banking system that sewed these seeds all at the same time? Why is ANY of this by ANY means “necessary”?

    PS: Geithner is a human clusterfuck, and should never have been considered for the Treasury position in the FIRST place, due his institutional ties.

    PPS: Why are we even fucking around with institutional dinosaurs like GM, when THIS type of thing–

    –is available and cheap?

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