If Israelis don’t want to be compared to Nazis, then they shouldn’t act like Nazis


16 responses to “If Israelis don’t want to be compared to Nazis, then they shouldn’t act like Nazis

  1. Kathleen Orlowsky

    If Israelis don’t want to be compared to Nazis then they shouldn’t act like Nazis….thank you! goodnight!

  2. well-said!

  3. The PR machines have won again and all of a sudden Israel and the Jews get thrown under the bus once again. Let’s remember why Israel went into Gaza … BECAUSE THOUSANDS OF ROCKETS WERE BEING FIRED AT THEM AND THE PALESTINIAN LEADERSHIP DID NOTHING AND THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE VOTED INTO OFFICE THE PEOPLE FIRING THE ROCKETS. Israel going into Gaza was the best thing for the Gazans ever, and don’t think Hamas didn’t know it.

  4. Ah, yes, the powerful Palestinian leadership that has no control over ANYTHING. And my comment refers not just to recent activities but the long history and pattern including moving in and bossing around the Arab population, MOVING the Arab population, creating an apartheid, etc. etc. It’s not just the fault of Israel and the Jews, it’s the USA’s and UK’s faults for supporting the whole mess.

  5. Zionist Israel is the single most racist organization in the history of mankind.
    Moreso than Nazi Germany, Apartheid South Africa, or the KKK.
    The only organization that has ever come close is Mugabes Zimbabwe.
    Well said Oliphant, well said.

  6. Liberals like Pat Oliphant are fascist hypocrites for their hatred of Jews and support of radical Islam. Besides, the same liberals who condone bigots like Oliphant went ballistic when those Danish cartoons of Muhammad in a turban were published!

  7. It’s amazing when Jews make cartoons depicting Arabs and Muslims in a vicious way and comparing them to Nazi’s and they condone this kind of behavior. When it’s Jews being attackted it’s condemened. I think to myself where is the Freedom of speech now. Robert Spencer and Daniel Pipes are big supporters of Freedom of Speech when Muslims and Arabs are being targeted malicoulsy but when it’s Jews being targeted than they call it anti-semitism. If you ask me it’s Bull-Crap. The way these right-wing politcal pundits intrepet freedom of speech is when Jews are not targeted and everyone else is than it should be condoned but if it’s Jews then it should be hate speech. That’s the way conservatives interept freedom of speech. Bunch of hypocrites.

  8. The U.S.A. has provided free money, weapons, and technology to Israel for the last few decades. Based on U.S.A government websites, of all the countries that is provided free military aid, Israel receives the most. No politician in the U.S.A. would dare speak of cutting Israel off.

    It is a sliver of land that does not have any natural resources to speak of but yet the U.S.A. gives all these resources to Israel for free. Why? Jewish Zionists have a big following in the U.S.A government. This needs to stop. If any other country committed the atrocities that Israel has the UN would impose sanctions.

    Past injustices and recent injustices against the “Jews” does not justify Israel killing of innocent women and children. If you want to reduce Arab terrorists you must rein in Israel. I do not promote the destruction of Israel just the elimination of its Zionist, extremist government. Most Israel people want peace and do not agree with what their government is doing. The same is true for the U.S.A, most people do not agree with giving such a great amount of money and weapons to Israel or the war in Iraq. What is the answer, I wish I knew.

  9. No comment, it’s already warm and cozy in here. But I do love CNN’s crack reporting about white phosphorous. Everybody, including everyone here, knows white phosphorous is used in artillary rounds for….smoke screens. Not like the WP used in vietnam that you couldn’t extinguish with water as it melted your face off. Thanks for making that clear CNN. They’re earning their 3rd place ratings.

  10. Derece Powell

    I must say that I agree with Mike, John, Chuck, kicknz and Kathleen. For far too long the world has been held hostage by Israel and the Jewish people. Anti-semetism laws abound everywhere – even here in Canada. To dare speak out against the Jews or the actions of their homeland could result in a human rights charge. No other religion, political body or country for that matter has been given that power or protection. And look at the monster the world has created as a result.

    The state of Israel and Jewish people worldwide believe they are above the law, above all other religions and that no one can speak out agianst them or criticise them. Jews think they can dictate what people can do, say and how they will act throughout the world. Freedom of speech is not a part of their vocabulary and when someone does poke a little fun at Isreal’s unconscionable actions in the Middle East they cry foul. Yet they themselves consider themselves immune to their own rules of conduct and therefore, can do and say whatever they want to those who do not agree with their viewpoint.

    Our freedoms are being eroded by this special interest group and the time has come for it to be silenced in Canada and the USA.

  11. canucktheworld

    Don’t be alarmed by the way these Jewish groups complain when something comes up for them to do. This is just standard policy and doesn’t suggest that Jewish people even care about this or, agree with the way that Israel has behaved.

    They are paid to react and so, they are doing their job. That’s what the funding was for and they would be quickly replaced if they don’t make some noise. Basically this issue doesn’t bother any Jews I know.

  12. Johnny B, I know what you mean. This post wasn’t meant to be an endorsement of CNN, that’s just where I saw the story.

    On a separate note, some of the language in some of these comments is a bit too general. Not every Jew or Jewish group is responsible for what happens in Isreal. And don’t forget to pass an equal share of the blame on to the Christians and even seculars that run the United States and United Kingdom. This isn’t a Jewish thing, it’s a simple human rights matter.

  13. james johnson

    I love the statement “For far too long the world has been held hostage by Israel and the Jewish people”..really, you are talking about a sliver of a country who is surrounded by haters who take every opportunity to attack them and support or exploit those who cannot by themselves. Please sit back in the comfort of your well protected “Eden” and judge. If this was a muslim cartoon Jihad would be called and it would be run as an attrocity in every newspaer and outlet in the world and you know that. No one has a problem with condeming those who might “offend” Mohamed but free speech is in order if Jewish people are mocked.

  14. Well, no one told the Jews that they had to move into a territory full of haters but I agree that most of the world is not very affected by the Israel issue.

    I’m sure that most of the early settlers planned on a peaceful, new life but I guess they didn’t realize the Palestinians wouldn’t like being told that they would now be second class citizens subject to the whims of their new overlords, fully backed by two of the most power nations in the world.

    Also, the Jews that originally settled in Israel were in complete shock after the Holocaust and here were the UK and USA offering a new life. But none of this explains why it’s okay to subject an incredibly low standard of life onto a people whose only crime was daring to live on desired land.

    The whole thing is just as bad as the US invasion of the Indian lands, except this time around there are a lot of ‘Indians’ in the surrounding lands. For some reason, the new ‘Indians’ are supposed to happy with an invasion and displacement and 2nd class status and if they dare to rebel it’s considered some inhumane outrage.

  15. The line of reasoning that denounces the cartoon because there is no equating Israel’s actions with those of the Nazi’s seems to be making the point that short of the FINAL solutions, anything Israel does is not to be considered or equated with inhuman acts. This is the most abusrd line of reasoning I have ever heard… seems like my brothers are suffering from some fresh thinking on the subject…

  16. What about the Jews ti-shirt w/ a gun site in an a pregnant arab women. I guess thats just fun and games. Hypocisy at its finest!

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