The point of rating tragic news??

Maybe I’m missing the point completely, but The Chicago Tribune online lets people rate news stories on a 1-5 star scale.  There’s no explanation as to what people are rating.  So, I assume the ratings are based on pertinance of information, coherence of information,  amount of information, level of enjoyment/dissatisfaction and/or level of journalistic reporting.  Whatever the assumption, it comes across as really tacky when tragic news stories are rated on this ambiguous five-star scale. 

Man, 23, shot, killed on Southside

Woman’s body in street near Marina Towers


4 responses to “The point of rating tragic news??

  1. Are you kidding me? This is an excellent idea! Now I can feel as if my opinions matter and I’m involved with the news! Way to go Chicago Tribune!!!!!

  2. hey how do you leave your avatar after your entry?

  3. I think it’s good. If something bad happens to someone I don’t like, I can give high rating. It the Cubbies loze, I can give bad rating to show my disapprovalz.

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