Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars thoughts

GTA Chinatown Wars was released a week ago for DS. Even though I shouldn’t have, I raced out and spent $35 on it. Don’t worry, I sold one of the cats to make up for it. Anyway, a week later, I’ve accumulated less than 3 hours of (saved) game time. It’s safe to say I’ve never felt compelled to play the game for a whole afternoon.

1) Stupid touch screen shit. The game requires you to switch between standard controls and the stylus all the time. Most of the touch screen stuff is worthless and just forced in. Instead of just throwing grenades by pushing the attack button, you have quickly drag a grenade icon on the touch screen. Half the time it doesnt’ even respond correctly and you drop the fucking thing at your feet.

2) Boring missions. There is more variety than in GTAIV but I’d rather just go kill a bunch of guys than make simple drug transactions.

3) Rampaging isn’t fun. There’s no satisfaction in running up to some tiny sprite and beating it to death. It’s not fun to run over people. I don’t know. This stuff is half the fun of GTA.

4) GTA games always have bad scripts no matter what the idiot video game reviewers say. This is usually saved by voice actors that are either over the top or sometimes even skillful. Now you have to read it. And it hurts.

Things I like.

1) Music. Instead of using licensed hit songs, Chinatown Wars uses instrumental music that serves as much better background material. There are no DJs! I didn’t realize how much I hated the DJs before.

2) Cop avoidance. In the old GTAs you escaped cops by respraying your car. In GTA IV you escaped by leaving the APB area without being spotted. In Chinatown Wars, you get to be more proactive – you lose wanted ratings by destroying cop cars. Destroy one cop car to lose a one-star rating, three for a two, six for a three, ten for a four, etc.

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