Comics: Wednesday Comics


So this is going to be pretty great…

Edited by Mark Chiarello (the man behind Batman: Black & White and Solo), Wednesday Comics is a 12-part weekly series that will run throughout the summer. Each issue will be 16 pages long, with a each page devoted to a different feature. The size of the comic will be 14 x 20 inches, mirroring the size of the Sunday comics found in newspapers during the first half of the 20th Century (the name Wednesday Comics refers to the day of the week new comics are released in the U.S.).

Here are some of the creators lined up for Wednesday Comics:

Neil Gaiman, Mike Allred, Brian Azzarello, Paul Pope, Walt Simonson, Dave Gibbons, Ryan Sook, John Arcudi, Kyle Baker, Lee Bermejo, Joe Kubert, Kurt Busiek, Eduardo Risso, and Amanda Conner, among others.

Neil Gaiman & Mike Allred have been attached to Metamorpho; Joe Kubert will once again draw one of his most iconic characters Sgt. Rock; Azzarello and Risso will follow the end of 100 Bullets with a Batman story; it looks like Paul Pope is attached to Adam Strange and Kyle Baker has already posted art from his contribution, starring Hawkman:



Other characters to be featured in Wednesday Comics include Superman, Deadman, Kamandi, Green Lantern, Teen TitansThe Flash, Metal Men, Catwoman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman and The Demon. And all the stories in Wednesday Comics will be self-contained, with no connection to regular continuity.

More here.


2 responses to “Comics: Wednesday Comics

  1. this sounds fabulous!

  2. Yeah. I haven’t purchased comics on an issue-by-issue basis in ages…but maybe I’ll start up again.

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