Operation Ear Bleed #4

Adeva “Love or Lust” -this shit sucks. Period. *****

Adamski, Doctor “Musical Pharmacy” -weak ass eltectro shit ****

Adamson, Barry “The Negro Inside Me” -This is like eating a whopper…it fucking sucks. ****

Addict “Stones” -They use too much wah pedal. They need to use less suck. Fuck this is bad. *****

Aerosol Halo “When the Light Has To Fall” -Generic rock bullshit. Feed me gasoline instead please. *****


8 responses to “Operation Ear Bleed #4

  1. Are you listening to complete albums? If so, I think you’re torturing yourself. Maybe you should just listen to Track #1 first and then if it’s tolerable listen to the whole album but if it’s weak just listen to the first 20 seconds of the other tracks to confirm that the album sucks.

  2. if i don’t listen to the whole album then it’s not EAR BLEED

  3. this is a true professional!

  4. Nice review.. would love to feed you gasoline if it would make you and your band stop playing. Soundz like a whale farting. Very edgy indeed.

    “Beati Paoli brings a warmth of DIY rock that I welcome. ” That is rock review lingo for shitty.

  5. So, “AH,” if we were to include “Soundz like a whale farting,” in our one-sheet, to which member of Aerosol Halo should we credit it?

  6. The Whale

  7. hahaha wow didn’t know this was a real and legit review.

  8. so is this nick, david, aaron or jeff?

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