Urban Evil 2004

About six months ago, I was slightly obsessed with Anthropologie, a sister store to Urban Outfitters.  Because I was slightly obsessed, I attempted to read everything I could find out about the store, but became more interested in its parent company, Urban Outfitters, Inc. and its owner, Richard Hayne, who is a rumored homophobe and an ardent republican.

One of the more interesting controversies I came across was regarding one of those clever, little t-shirts you can purchase at UO.   Back in 2004, UO sold a shirt that said “Only Old People Vote.” When broken down, the shirt is basically telling the young and hip that voting isn’t cool and we all know who the young and hip tend to vote for when they do vote. I know this is simplifying and assuming behaviors, but think of the people you know who would buy that shirt. Exactly. It’s this sort of subtle evil that Hayne uses, and, in this case, used to infiltrate the minds of who knows how many young people during such a crucial year.


4 responses to “Urban Evil 2004

  1. i also like how they will find original designs and then blatantly rip them off, never paying the original artist for his/her work. that is a cool thing to do.

  2. my boss, an acupuncturist, used to buy clothes from anthropologie because they looked “natural” and she assumed that the company was a good one until i explained to her that urban outfitters owned it and their company values didn’t exactly match her personal beliefs…

    i too had no idea about the man behind the company until i did some research…i figured they were like american apparel (which is why i did research in the first place…just to make sure).

    what really frusturates me, also, is that all the hipsters who go around preaching about being green and ethical and liberal wear stuff like that without even thinking about it…because fashion is soooo important.

  3. uh oh !

  4. I hate all those fucking companies but it’s nice to know that my hatred is validated in so many ways. I always say you can tell someone is an idiot if they’re wearing mall fashion store clothes (especially Hollister and Pink).

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