Nintendo says, “Why make new games for Wii when we can just re-release GameCube games . . . BUT WITH WII CONTROLS?”

Re-releasing GameCube games for Wii with some Wii-style controls tacked on isn’t exactly new (Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 and Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia: The Twin Thrones come to mind) but Nintendo has jumped onto the bandwagon with annoying enthusiasm. The worst thing about these releases is that Nintendo is heavily promoting these games just like they would with a brand new game. First in the lineup (for the US) are ‘Pikmin’ and ‘Mario Power Tennis’. I can’t help but think that Nintendo will just sit on these re-releases and not bother to create a new Mario Tennis game (no big loss) or a new Pikmin game (a huge loss) for the Wii. Worse yet, I could see a new Wii Pikmin being cancelled if the Pikmin re-release doesn’t sell well enough. Either way, the whole thing just seems lazy. The Wii library is already lame so why muddle it with re-releases of last generation efforts?

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