Headphones I Like

Someone buy me all of these, please!  The first few sets are ones that I came across at Urban Outfitters.  I have no idea how they sound, but I am quite impressed with how pretty they are.  The last two are pairs I have been eying for literally years.



Wesc Oboe


Panasonic RP-HTX7-G1 Monitor Headphones


Boosted Stiloso



Sony MDR V6

I researched headhpones a couple of years ago and these ones are highly rated and not that expensive for what they are.  I’m yet to actually try these out, but perhaps someday.


Bose Around-Ear

These are probably the headphones I will really buy someday.  They are pretty ugly, but they fit well on my perpendicular ears and deliver the unbelievably good sound that Bose is known for. 


9 responses to “Headphones I Like

  1. fuck urban outfitters.

    are you planning on just using these at home?

  2. Yeah, well, mainly at work or during travel, but I’m not going to be doing anything more than just listening to music.

    Urban Outfitters is a little on the evil side, I will admit. See: next post!

  3. I never fail to be amazed by your devotion to form over function.

  4. the cutest are the wesc
    i’ve seen a lot of girls with the panasonic colored ones

  5. I have the Sony MDR V6s. They are excellent, professional-level headphones, and cost less than $100. What more could you want!?

  6. You could probably want headphones that don’t cost $100.

  7. $100 for a pair of high-quality headphones is not a lot of money. And considering I said they cost *less* than $100 (they were $80) you could want headphones that don’t cost $100 AND want the MDR-V6s. Everybody wins! What more could you want?!

  8. MIL has the right idea. also quite happy with my mdr v6’s, had them a couple years now, could not ask for better quality or comfort, and also got mine for about 80.

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