Confessions of an apologist

I must confess . . .

. . . that all of the Beach Boys albums post-1973 suck. The last few albums before this period are somewhat hit or miss but more hit than miss. They took a break from ’73 to ’76 and after that there are usually only one or two good songs per album.

. . . that all of the Cypress Hill albums post-1995 suck. That means they made more bad albums than good even though producer DJ Muggs continued to make good solo albums outside of the group.

. . . that Grand Theft Auto IV is the most overrated game ever. I’m about 2/3 (just an estimate) through the game. The fucking hype machine for this game must have tricked all of the fucking video game reviewers, who are the lowest scum in all of journalism, because MANY of them gave the game a perfect score and said it was the best thing since Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Then these same journalists apparently turned on the game in a matter of about 6 months and most of them gave ‘Fallout 3’ their game of the year nods, even though its average score is much lower than GTA’s. Ugh. In my view, a perfect score means the game is perfect in every way, which means I should never come across a glitch. Well, the game isn’t as glitchy as the PS2 GTA’s but there are definitely inconsistencies. And the game is much more of a Hitman game than GTA in that almost every mission is an assassination. Seriously, almost every one. I’m sure it sounds like I dislike the game but that’s not true at all. It’s really an amazing game and has one of the better stories I’ve experienced in a game but really the missions seem rather limited. I doubt GTA IV will replace GTA: San Andreas as my favorite GTA game. What I’m really hoping for is that Rockstar uses the GTA IV engine and makes a game that’s as sprawling and varied as San Andreas was. Or a Bully 2! Have I mentioned how great Bully was?!? Ten times the charm of any GTA game.

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