National Game Registry: Diner

United States Library of Congress

key personnel:
Ray Kaestner

original platform:
Intellivision (1987, Realtime Associates/INV)

Long after the Intellivision had past its commercial prime, INTV elected to produce an original sequel to Data East’s arcade classic, Burgertime. Peter Pepper and his culinary adversaries return from the original but the gameplay has been completely revampled. Peter’s new mission is to navigate an isometric playing field, kicking balls of food down to the bottom of the screen to create a meal. Diner allows the player to move up/down, left/right, and forward/backward, adding a new dimension. There are several level layouts, some including disappearing floors. The adventure is worthy of Peter Pepper and provides a fitting swansong to the Intellivision.

Diner for Intellivision
image: INTV Funhouse

Diner was inducted on February 23rd, 2009.

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One response to “National Game Registry: Diner

  1. yo. for those of you interested, here’s more info on DINER, and it’s predecessor, BURGERTIME:

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