National Game Registry 1981: Snafu

original platform

Snafu is hardly an original effort, as 1970s-era arcades were filled with similar games, like Hustle, Comotion, Dominos, and Checkmate.  Even the Atari 2600 had Surround.  However, Snafu was the first game in the genre to really pull everything together and make it complete.  The earlier efforts always came up short in one respect or another; lack of AI, lack of multi-player, sloooooow action, etc.  Snafu addressed all of these issues and introduced a wide variety of game modes to earn classic status.

Checkmate was inducted on February 23rd, 2009.

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One response to “National Game Registry 1981: Snafu

  1. this idea was used for a mini game within “legend of they mystical ninja”. i remember spending a lot of time NOT playing the real game and just playing this instead.

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