A voice of reason

Stolen from Breitbart:

British-Indian author Salman Rushdie has attacked the plot of multiple Oscar-winning film “Slumdog Millionaire” as a “patently ridiculous conceit”.

Rushdie wrote in Britain’s Guardian newspaper that the central feature of the film — that a boy from the Mumbai slums manages to succeed on the Indian TV version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” — “beggars belief.”

“This is a patently ridiculous conceit, the kind of fantasy writing that gives fantasy writing a bad name,” the author of “The Satanic Verses” said in the article published Saturday.

Rushdie said the central weakness of the film — which won eight Oscars — was that it was adapted from a book by Indian diplomat-novelist Vikas Swarup called “Q&A” which is itself “a corny potboiler, with a plot that defies belief.”

“It is a plot device faithfully preserved by the film-makers, and lies at the heart of the weirdly renamed Slumdog Millionaire. As a result the film, too, beggars belief,” wrote Rushdie, who was born in Mumbai.

Rushdie signed off a long lament about the quality of film adaptations of books by saying: “We can only hope that the worst is over, and that better movies, better musicals and better times lie ahead.”

The author last month marked the 20th anniversary of the Islamic death sentence imposed on him by Iran following the publication of “The Satanic Verses”.

One response to “A voice of reason

  1. I too read the article you mention, and I GOTTA say: ol’ Salman is a late adopter of the most egregious sort, and acts as though his nationality earns him some modicum of “authority” on the matter, just like the stupid Indians did, post-Oscars. It’s a movie, not YOUR life, fuckhead(s).

    To wit: here’s my FAR-superior Facebook status and the associated drubbing I gave the drummer of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum–a Facebook “friend”–when he took offense at my remark long before Salman tried the ethnic association cup-game only to garner himself more publicity for something that has NOTHING to do with him (though he pretends it does):

    Original status, 2/1/09: “Holy GOD, is Slumdog Millionaire the most overrated filmic piffle EVER. Seriously, it’s this season’s Heath Ledger. And I thought I hated the Oscars BEFORE…”

    “Retort” (in uber-[sic]) by the aforementioned drummer: “you’re an evil human.
    are you a hater of love, crime, and dancing?
    i’m seriously considering calling the cops on you.”

    Re-rebuttal from myself: “Not a’TALL, monsignor. I’m simply a ‘detester’—I don’t really ‘hate’ ANYTHING—of poorly-conceived & -screenwritten, GARGANTUANLY-trite, ’40’s-style ‘Golden Age of Film’-aestheticized live-action Disney movies illegitimately purporting to wield gritty realism & inter-classist social commentary, which ALSO happen to contain FAR too many distracting & unbelievable ‘convenient’ synchronicities & a general ambience of feel-good, sentimentalist PAP in lieu of actual, introspective concentration of motives & characterization.

    “Plus, YEAH, that dancing was fucking STUPID.

    “I’m also a very large fan of Danny Boyle, &, I GOTTA say, this is the first sign—&, hopefully, the LAST—that he’s slipping into a state of Burtonitis (a complete regression from/abandonment of a unique, personalized filmic/visual vocabulary—not unlike has transpired with has-been auteur Tim Burton—in whence a filmmaker pursues epic, trivial ‘underdog’ motifs over less-popular, outré thematic ones).

    “Watch ‘Let the Right One In’—my favorite film of last year—and get back to me, yeah? I’d be interested to know what you’d think of THAT, comparatively. I’m all ABOUT love and crime. Just not the schmaltzy variety that you’d find in the latest Broadway revival of ‘Pollyanna.’

    “PS: Does this mean you won’t autograph my album sleeves whence Sleepytime next rolls through Portland? Scheisse…”

    Mr. Bossi [the drummer-in-question] never responded, after that point.

    But it IS *MILDLY* refreshing to know I’m not the ONLY person on the planet that thought “Slumdog” was the STUPIDEST fucking movie ever–even IF the adopters OF said sentiment wrote of their agreement in less-than-non-retarded terms…

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