Singles Club: 4




b/w “OH WELL”

Released 4/6/09


This is only the fourth entry in Singles Club, and I’m already breaking the rules I established. Oops. Usually I’ll stick to the random playlist thing, but I guess I’ll let myself write about a single without going through that process if I feel like it. ANYWAY…

So this is “Wrong”, the brand-new single from Depeche Mode. They have a new album coming out in April called Sounds Of The Universe, and this is the first taste. It took a couple of listens for me to get into it…it’s definitely not the most immediate song. There’s not a huge hook a la “Enjoy The Silence” or “Everything Counts”.  But after time three or four, I love it. It’s definitely dark, reminiscent of Black Celebration-era Mode, which is good since that’s probably my favorite DM album. There’s a sense of grim inevitability in the song, as the litany of all the things “wrong” in the narrator’s life continues to build and suffocate, while nervous synths dart around the edges. DM’s main songwriter Martin Gore has described the song as “probably as close to hip-hop or r ‘n’ b as we’re going to get”, and while the end product is still pretty far from those two genres, I think you can see what he’s getting at when listening the songs rhythm and Dave Gahan’s vocals.  PLUS, it’s got a great video, a really creepy piece of work by director Patrick Daughters that fits the dark mood of the song like a glove.

The video:

And a performance at Germany’s Echo Awards from 2/21/09:


3 responses to “Singles Club: 4

  1. man… that video is soooo good! wow.

  2. I probably shouldn’t have watched that video before going to bed.

  3. Thanks Greg for the DM update/single. The blackhole that is Chicago left me with no idea that they’re releasing a new album next month.

    Also, do you hate Lily Allen or feel indifferent to her?

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