b/w “IT’S ALL TOO MUCH (Beatles Cover) / “LET’S TALK ABOUT YOU” / “STRANGE BREW (Cream Cover)”

(Guy Chadwick)

The House Of Love are one of my favorite bands that no one’s heard of. Initially signed to Creation Records (UK home of Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine & Oasis, among others), by the time of their third album Babe Rainbow, the band had ended up on Fontana Records in the UK and Mercury in the States. Hyped by the UK music press as the post-Smiths great white hope of the 80s indie scene, many think the HOL’s thunder was stolen by the emerging Stone Roses. By the time of Babe Rainbow‘s release in 1992, The House Of Love were widely-seen as a group that never quite made it to the big leagues, instead eternally relegated to the second division.

Of course, this has nothing to do with their music, which I think is fantastic. Guy Chadwick, the band’s main songwriter, is criminally underrated in my estimation. both lyrically and compositionally. “Feel”, the second single from Babe Rainbow, features signature House Of Love heavily-reverberated guitar, Guy’s sweet croon and a general melancholy mood. So right up my Anglophile alley, then. Also, I tried to find the b-side cover of George Harrison’s “It’s All Too Much”, to no avail. Track it down if you can, quite good.

Here’s the video:


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