Gamestop Training Video

I’m sure this has been making the rounds on the internet for the last few weeks now, but I came across this via The Consumerist.

I realize that Gamestop is attempting to make humor out of selling to women, but it still seems somewhat offensive. Imagine they were selling to Latinos or Blacks or any other social class, race, group, etc.

That aside, it’s still pretty amusing.  Nothing like suggesting for your employees  to tell fat women to buy exercise programs for the wii and  awkwardly introduce yourself and make passes at milfs.


2 responses to “Gamestop Training Video

  1. i really like the fact that in the beginning they explain that all women dislike being condescended to…and then spent the next six minutes being really condescending to us.

    this video is useless because it forgets one HUGE factor…if your employees are using the word “dude,” they probably do not give a shit.

    oh, suits, you’re so silly!

  2. that fake accent is the most offensive part.

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