National Game Registry: Magnavox Odyssey2 / Philips Videopac

United States Library of Congress

Magnavox Odyssey2 / Philips Videopac

image: The Old Computer

Magnavox Odyssey2 / Philips Videopac
image: Old Computers

This article features the best games released for the Magnavox Odyssey2, known as the Philips Videopac in Europe and South America, as selected by the National Game Preservation Board and recommended for permanent preservation by the United States Library of Congress National Game Registry.

System: Magnavox Odyssey2/Philips Videopac
Manufacturer: Magnavox (a division of Philips – USA)/Philips (Europe)
Debut: 1978
Nation of origin: United States

The Odyssey2’s debut was so muted that Philips decided almost immediately to discontinue the system. In an unusual act of passive defiance, American Magnavox did not discontinue the Odyssey2 but crept forward on a shoestring budget without a large marketing presence to promote its games. Incredibly, Magnavox employed a game design team consisting of only one person, Ed Averett. In spite of its low profile, Odyssey2 managed to maintain its presence all the way up to the video game crash of 1983/1984, when Philips finally pulled the plug for good. The system had a small, derivative library with very little third party support but Averett a few releases have earned entry in the National Game Registry, including:

K.C.’s Krazy Chase


Emulation: National Game Registry recommends O2EM for Odyssey2 emulation on home computers.

Manuals: Many Odyssey2 games are less than self-explanatory. A collection of manual transcripts may be viewed at Ozyr’s Odyssey2 Archive

Reviews: Video Game Critic offers several Odyssey2 reviews.

Visit the National Game Registry to view more inductees.

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