Are We Not Men

ever wondered what you or your loved ones might have looked like millions of years ago?

well! now, using the glorious power of the “computer”, you can finally learn the answers!

click here! now! NOW!

i didn’t have a handy photo of myself, but i did have a handy photo of natalie. here is her transition from 21st CENTURY BABE to HOMO HABILIS BABE:

devolve BEFORE

and here is current greg and prehistoric greg:

devolve BEFORE

i could do this all night.


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4 responses to “Are We Not Men

  1. i, have never looked better

  2. HUH? The only difference between the two is the eyez.

  3. how come when i uploaded pictures the apes are smiling??
    also, this is most fun when you have a blind dog with a glowing eyeball.

  4. kicknz: ha!

    sundrumlady: as you probably know, the people whose pictures i used are very serious, solemn people. obviously, if they were apes, you wouldn’t catch them smiling much.

    show us the dog.

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