Freaky Pinkie Toe

For the better part of ’08, I had been suffering from a dull, yet constant pain in my right foot. I made a trip to my family doctor, which did provide temporary relief, however I’m an avid runner and after several months of resumed running, the pain once more reared it’s ugly head.

So, this time around, I decided to see a podiatrist and get to the bottom of my pained foot. I attempted to schedule an appointment for late November, though wasn’t able to get into the doc until the week prior to Christmas. Who knew podiatrists were in such high demand.

Well, after a quick x-ray and an even quicker examination by the doc, she declared that I suffer from Brachymetatarsia. Yes, a classic case of….ummm….what?

I can’t exactly remember how she explained it, but it was something along these lines:

Brachymetatarsia is a condition in which one of the five long bones of the foot (the metatarsals) is abnormally short, resulting in a shortened toe. This condition usually occurs in both feet (i.e., bilaterally)… –

She also mentioned that it’s genetic and if we went back through my family tree, there would probably be a long-line of brachymetarsia (when I confronted my parents with this fact, they both denied their respective sides having such a genetic disorder and quickly blamed the other).

In short, I have, well, a shortened toe. Observe.



This is my foot.

Now compare to Scott’s “normal,”hobbit-like foot.

Scott's normal toe


Well, with this shortened toe, there is a shift of the distribution of pressure to other points of the foot, and in my case it’s primarily placed upon the pinkie toe.

The cure?

Had it been caught when I was a kid, surgery would have been recommended. However, since I have horrible parents and this wasn’t caught until now, the doc claimed that surgery would be too complicated. Yet, after some internet research (which the doc surprisingly suggested I do), I found that the surgery is performed on adults and for typically cosmetic reasons. Though when you’re toe looks like this…

toeI suppose you would be shamed into having the surgery. As one podiatrist’s website said, “(brachymetatarsia is) emotionally traumatic and embarrassing to the individual preventing them from wearing any shoe gear that would expose this condition.” The condition is so embarrassing that you don’t even need commas in your sentences!

Finally, my internet search also uncovered that I am not alone in my pain. Jennifer Garner (of “Daredevil” and Ben Affleck fame) is also afflicted by brachymetatarsia.

jennifer-garner-weird-toe1(source – goddamn tmz)


As for now, my condition, is solved with a simple insole. Over the last few weeks the pain has decreased and the callouses on my pinkie toe joint are disappearing, which the doc said would be a sign of the insoles working. But I will always have the creepy toe!


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5 responses to “Freaky Pinkie Toe

  1. I have probably told you this already, BUT my 7th grade science teacher told us when we were learning about evolution that in the future, humans will be so evolved that they will only have four toes since, apparently, there is real need for five toes. SO, I guess you’re just more advanced than most humans in our day in age.

  2. My cousins pinky toe looks exactly like yours and weve tormented her for years about her!

  3. I have to say, as a committed foot freak, that i love the look of a short pinky toe on women. I specially like it when it is somewhat raised, like Jennfer Garner’s. yes, I know – weird.

  4. my feet look like that is there a cure?

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