CANON SONIQUE: a mixtape (15)

continuing the online mixtape.

song (15):

The Knife“Heartbeats”

this song is off of the 2003 album, “Deep Cuts”. i think you can buy it on their website.
the knife deep cuts album art

the knife is a brother/sister duo from sweden. they don’t like mainstream music, and although they’ve won multiple awards for their music, they refuse to take part in all the crazy shinanigans that come along with it. examples: they avoid public appearances, refused to play live until recently, and wear masks in most of their promotional photos. they also boycotted the 2003 grammys, where they won best pop group of the year, sending in their place two people wearing gorilla costumes. supposedly this was a protest against male dominance in the music industry, but i’m not sure i understand what gorillas have to do with that. regardless… i support this anti-social behavior.

Heartbeats Live:

A Successfully Creepy Video:

And A Cover Of Heartbeats:


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