CANON SONIQUE: a mixtape (5)

continuing the online mixtape.

song (5):

Manic Street Preachers“Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayit’sworldwouldfallapart”

this is track two on The Holy Bible, which you can buy on their website.

the manic street preachers are some silly socialists from wales. they’ve been around since the late 80’s and have a new album coming out in 2009 (produced by Steve Albini). “the holy bible” was released in 1994, and is the last album to include lyricist/guitarist richey james edwards, who disappeared in ’95. (like true socialists, the remaining members continue to put 25% of all the earned royalties into an account in richey’s name)

some videos:

covering rihanna’s “umbrella”


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One response to “CANON SONIQUE: a mixtape (5)

  1. for some reason, you liking this band makes me like you.

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