Movie Party: The Rocky Series


WARNING-This Post has Spoilers to the Rocky Movies

So I had asked for and received the entire Rocky series for my birthday. This month I finally got around and watched the entire series. This may surprise people,(or make them angry) but I think Sylvester Stallone is really a genius when it comes to the writing of the series.  First off, tying in the first Rocky fight with America’s bicentennial and placing it in Philadelphia is a very smart move and definitely one of the reasons people get so involved with the series.  Of course the training scenes is another big part.  Ending the movie the way Stallone does is a smart move.  The fight becomes about him defying the odds and doing the unexpected.  He doesn’t win it, as is the cliche in so many movies (and would become the cliche for most of the series),but instead ties Apollo Creed. It allows him to win in a way, but not really because Creed keeps his title.  A tie also occurs in the last film of the series, Rocky Balboa. As mentioned before, him winning had become expected, and a tie serves the same function as in the first Rocky movie. 

Him coming back from such incredible hardships in the sequels is another genius move. Rocky three has him facing not only having been defeated but the death of Mickey.  Part 4 has the death of Apollo Creed, the pride of America, and having to train  in the Soviet Union. Part five involves him losing everything and going back to his roots.  These elements don’t necessarily make all the movies great but it does help to keep the series afloat. Probably the two cheesiest films of the series is part three and four.  Especially the training scenes in part three, when Apollo and Rocky race on the beach and hug. What also makes it cheesy is the flashiness of the 80’s. 

 Lastly what makes the writing so great, is not that the series is about boxing, but in my opinion that it really is about his love for Adrian. All the movies involve him in some way fighting to prove himself to Adrian. The ending of part two is an example of this, when he yells “Yo Adrian I did it”, but the clearest is the very final scene in the entire series,where he simply places roses on her grave and then walks away. Overall, the Rocky series is very tightly written.




2 responses to “Movie Party: The Rocky Series

  1. I’m disappointed that you failed to mention the robot butler. That alone makes the series.

  2. I think the concept of time in the movies is pretty funny. In Rocky IV, Rocky’s kid is like 7 years old. Rocky V was made 5 years later but starts right after the end of Rocky IV but somehow his kid looks like he’s aged 5 years! What the hell? During the fight in Rocky IV the kid is sitting at home with his kindergarten friends watching the fight and then suddenly at the beginning of Rocky V he’s a middle schooler and announces that he just made the honor roll. WHAHAHAHAHA?

    The best thing about the Rocky series is that the fights are 100x better than real bouts. Rocky and his opponents routinely brush off punches that would knock a man out in real life.

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