Banning Books About Banning Books

okay… so this is old, but i just now came across it.

a news story about some idiots trying to get fahrenheit 451 banned in some highschool.

watch it. it’s hard to believe these ignorant mother fuckers exist.

here are my favorite parts:

“what do you find objectionable about it?”

“the cussing in it and then the burning of the bible”

“with god’s name in vain being in it, that’s number one reason. and then… there’s no reason for it being read.”

“besides bad language and violence, verm lists ‘downgrading christians’ and ‘TALKING ABOUT OUR FIREMEN’ as reasons this book should be banned.”

impossible. it’s like a bad comedy sketch or something.



4 responses to “Banning Books About Banning Books

  1. “Talking [badly] about our firemen”

    I’ve found that most people who want to ban a book have never actually read the book that they find so offensive. Despite the guy’s list of objections, I don’t think he read it either. He probably just skimmed through it looking for things to complain about.

  2. ignorance. “Talking about our firemen…?”
    They neglected to notice that the protagonist is attempting to preserve sections of the Bible.

  3. yeah. it’s easy to tell from his list that he didn’t READ the book at all. probably got offended by something he didn’t understand and then just stopped and complained about the other things he didn’t understand.

    it’s just so sad/funny that these people exist and don’t realize that they’re actually characters from the book they’re complaining about.

  4. i hate any book that talks about firemen.

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