Cool life.

I watched the entire series of Sex & the City. Since it was a relatively long-running and popular show, it had its fair share of guest stars:

1. Mr. Hall from Clueless

2. Gob from Arrested Development

3. Amy Sedaris

4. Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks If I were to write a post, I would write about how it’s really weird (or not weird that the eccentric Agent Cooper is playing old money.

5. Murphy Brown

I guess that’s all!

– AP

6 responses to “Cool life.

  1. That show awful.

  2. ahahahaha


    those two dudes are right.

  4. i thought it was really well written, the acting was superb and there hasn’t been a show this good since seinfeld.

  5. wrong !

  6. yeah, i was just joking.

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