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Another SA post…

So, in some parts of Texas (and other parts of the nation I assume), people are rushing out to buy guns, as a direct result of Obama getting elected. Gun-enthusiasts are fearful that the Obama administration will toughen gun control laws due mainly to the fact that Obama is a democrat and an off-the-record quotation; according to the BBC article, Obama has said very little about plans to change gun control laws. The BBC article has some interesting points from a European standpoint and can be found here. And here are some quotations from the article:

Sales of military-style assault weapons (like the Russian-designed AK-47) which are considered the likeliest targets for future curbs have increased by 50% in some areas.

“Being a single mum, I can’t imagine not having a gun for home protection because that makes me a more confident parent, knowing that if someone intrudes into my home I know exactly what to do and my son knows what I’m going to do. I’m going to shoot to kill.”

Top Gun is the kind of business that simply could not exist in Europe – the staff wear holstered handguns both in the shop and on the shooting range.

No area of American daily life makes this country feel more foreign to Europeans – business is brisk at the range and plenty of doctors, lawyers and office workers stop off on the way home from work to sharpen their skills and to relieve a little stress.

Caption from article: The Top Gun shooting gallery could not exist in Europe.

– Allison AKA ninjagarden

Stupid Black Friday

As you may or may not have heard, a Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death early this morning in Long Island.

…By 4:55(AM), with no police officers in sight, the crowd of more than 2,000 had become a rabble, and could be held back no longer. Fists banged and shoulders pressed on the sliding-glass double doors, which bowed in with the weight of the assault. Six to 10 workers inside tried to push back, but it was hopeless.

Suddenly, witnesses and the police said, the doors shattered, and the shrieking mob surged through in a blind rush for holiday bargains. One worker, Jdimytai Damour, 34, was thrown back onto the black linoleum tiles and trampled in the stampede that streamed over and around him.

And it gets worse…

Some shoppers who had seen the stampede said they were shocked. One of them, Kimberly Cribbs of Queens, said the crowd had acted like “savages.” Shoppers behaved badly even as the store was being cleared, she recalled.

When they were saying they had to leave, that an employee got killed, people were yelling, ‘I’ve been on line since yesterday morning,’ ” Ms. Cribbs told The Associated Press. “They kept shopping.”

While it sounds as if Wal-Mart is to blame for some, as they failed to have safety barriers or anything of that nature, the mob takes the lion’s share of it. This is supposed to be the first death caused by Black Friday crowds, but it’s this very reason that I avoid the whole “holiday.” Fuck cheap flat screen televisions.

Fortunately, the article mentions that the police are going to prosecute some of the people responsible for the trampling, though it doesn’t seem as if it would be an easy task.

Here’s the article in full.


Beati Paoli – A Sense Of Urgency – Live Video

so those good folks at just finished editing a couple of videos from Beati Paoli’s cd release show back in september.

i can’t embed the videos on wordpress, but the live performance of the song, “A Sense Of Urgency”, has been posted on the Beati Paoli video page: and on their myspace page:


and if you’re in the des moines area and all done with your holiday parties, come out to the vaudeville mews tonight.

Beati Paoli
lollipop factory

doors at 5
price: $5


These Things Are Not Real

sorry. i haven’t had time to write a REAL post in so very long.

band/label/recording stuff and watching all of the nightmare on elm street and friday the 13th movies has really cut into any FREE time i might’ve had.


here is a quick cheater post full of things that are too cute to actually exist.

this guy is an entertainer

these guys are painters

this is cinders. he’s afraid of mud. that’s why he wears BOOTS!

and a video:

these were collected over the past few months from cute overload, ugly overload, zooillogix, jezebel, unscathed corpse, and plenty of OTHER places.



love this


First Ten Rap Hits (On the Hot 100)

Everyone knows that the first rap hit was “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang, but what was the second rap hit or the third?  That was something I couldn’t find even on the internet, so inspired by the book “Top Ten of Everything” I decided to make my own list of the first 10 after doing some research. Each had to be on Billboard’s Hot 100 the main singles chart.Most noticeably absent is  “White Lines” by Grandmaster Flash.  It did hit the R&B chart but never the Hot 100. Also some of the songs on the list may be considered rap by some, and others not.  The First Ten Hits are:

  Date                        Song                           Artist                                          

1. 11/10/1979     Rapper’s Delight          Sugarhill Gang
2.  9/6/1980        The Breaks                   Kurtis Blow
3.  1/31/1981      Rapture                       Blondie
4.  2/7/1981        8th Wonder                 Sugarhill Gang
5.  2/13/1982      Apache                       Sugarhill Gang
6.  7/17/1982      Planet Rock                 Afrika Bambaataa*
7.  10/16/1982    The Message               Grandmaster Flash#
8.12/17/1983      Electric Kingdom         Twilight 22
9.  6/2/1984        Jam On It                      Newcleus
10. 8/4/1984    Beat Street Breakdown Grandmaster Melle Mel^   


          *with the Soul Sonic Force
           #and the Furious Five featuring Melle Mel
            ^and the Furious Five      
2010movie_end1      Discokid                   

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Beati Paoli In The Daily Iowan

Beati Paoli was written about recently in the daily iowan.

you can check it out here after the old break:

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Austria Vs. Japan: Halloween Costume Edition

sorry to step on some toes, ryan, but i feel you need a gentle shove to keep the momentum of this series going.

here is my contribution:

a post about the age old battle between japan and germany (it counts as austria) to see who can create the most amazing costume ever.

let’s get started:

round 1:



round 2:



round 3:



round 4:



round 5:







let’s try and end this war, friends. enough is enough. cast your votes!



[very VERY special thanks to for their extensive research.]