Jan Svankmajer

jan svankmajer is a surrealist filmmaker from prague. he’s made a good number of films, often incorporating stop-motion animation and/or puppetry. tim burton likes him a lot, but the communists do not, and back in 1972, they forced him to stop making films.

later, he made more films.

i haven’t seen any of his features, but after watching some youtube stuff, i really want to see them.






3 responses to “Jan Svankmajer

  1. Alice is pretty good…Ryan, Hanna and I watched it a couple years ago. I first heard about him in a film class in college….we watched the short about the head in the room, and the one with the soccer players…?

    Also, Grant Morrison said he influenced his run on Doom Patrol so he’s cool.

  2. I watched ALICE last year. It was fucked. There was one awesome thing about the movie – the rabbit licking sawdust out of his watch.

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