I have read about Obama and he is an Arab

There’s been a lot of news the last few days about angry and ignorant happenings at McCain campaign events. I’m not going to go through them all – read the fucking news. I will say that these dumb hicks speaking up at these rallies display that racism and religious/cultural ignorance are alive and well in America. One of my favorite incidents took place in Minnesota. A woman got up to a mic to ask McCain a question and she said, “I’ve read about Obama and he is an Arab.” lol wtf That’s not even a question and Jesus Christ, yes, there is a lot of speculation among dumbasses that Obama might secretly be a Muslim but there isn’t any dispute about him being an Arab. I love the fact that we have so many jackasses that don’t know the difference between an ethnicity/race and a religion. Arab does not = Muslim. McCain DID set the woman straight but he’s generally being a pussy, letting these hicks rant and rave at his events. Doesn’t he realize this will alienate a LOT of people, including supporters. I really don’t know what he’s thinking but the word NIGGER is being thrown around very loosely at these events and he still hasn’t publicly asked the supporters to cut it out.

PS – I saw part of an Obama speech on McNews Network today and Christ, it was awful. He wouldn’t shut the fuck up about pie. And then he thanked the Lord for making this beautiful day. But at least people didn’t chant any racial epithets.



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    that lady gets to join the ranks of “cool american”.

  2. MY personal favorite aspect of the whole Redneck Rallies phenomenon of late is how OBVIOUSLY uneducated these sorts of folk are concerning the issues they’re, purportedly, so pissed off ABOUT.

    “Obama ‘pals around’ with terrorists, like BILL AYERS!!!” Oh, yeah? And you, the person PRODUCING [read: mimicking] this lil’ oral gem—the one who can’t even PRONOUNCE “Barack Obama” correctly—have had SERIOUS, silent misgivings about the whole Bill Ayers Debacle for YEARS now, huh? Do you even know what the Weather Underground Organization *WAS*? Doubtful… Fuckhead.

    ACORN?! Are you fucking KIDDING me? Half of these stupid-asses can’t say anything beyond “They have something to do with housing for low-income families?” when asked about their objections to the supposed association with Señor Barack HUSSEIN (that’s right; he’s going to be labeled a border-hopping Hawaiian illegal next). Yeah, I can see why you’d be pissed about THAT: you’re highfalutin folk—ROLLIN’ in the fuckin’ dough!—with no time for fiddling about with the lowlier constituents of American society. Now stop sodomizing your siblings for one second and read a fucking newspaper, hillbilly.

    “He’s a SOCIALIST!” If there is a precise formula to identifying one’s adherence to “Socialism,” I’d like to hear it—not that any of these bumpkins would KNOW. (Isn’t purchasing every failed mortgage in America at initial, non-depreciated ACTUAL value with non-involved taxpayers’ monies, as Lie-Lie McJowels has advocated, pretty close to the NEGATIVE “standard” of Socialism?)

    You purloined my diatribe about the whole “Arab” spiel. Nice work, Peaches. I WOULD like to add, however, that I enjoyed how said lady DELIVERED the “revelation” most of ALL. It’s like she had something ELSE to say, forgot once in the “spotlight,” and just “improvised” off the top of her misshapen head. “He’s… [Five-second pause] He’s… an Arab…” [Three more seconds of awkward mental fumbling before McJowels puts her out of her misery and takes the microphone away] Hahaha! It’s like she was expecting to bring the HOUSE down with that zinger or somesuch. I felt embarrassed for her—and NOT because she was the product of inbreeding. Poor hick.

    What WILL The “Republican” ticket think of NEXT for antisocial yokel morons to suddenly manifest life-long worry over…? Six words: White. House. White. Intern. Sexual. Assault.

    Fingers crossed!

  3. When I wrote this I had only read about the woman and her comment and I transcribed her statement the way it was written in the article I saw. Only later did I watch video which showed 1) how very dumb the woman is and 2) that the writer of the article I read is bad at quoting people.

  4. I just re-watched it myself upon nostalgic prompting by your mini-remark, and realized I had somehow forgotten the absolute PINNACLE of retarded awesomeness in her statement:

    After, as aforementioned, she says the “Arab” shit and stands there expecting applause or somesuch and gets NONE, McJowels starts shaking his head before reaching to take the mic away from her. So, taking his and the audience’s “cue” as to her apparent misstatement, she stammers a bit JUST before she’s out of amplification-shot, and goes “No…?” as if to say, “Did I get that wrong, John?”

    YOU’RE the one who fucking “read about it,” aren’t you, you she-clod?! Way to teleprompt your OWN stupidly-inane retard-lie, hickess! Hahaha!

    Ohhh… Delicious.

  5. Just saw this, and ’twas too terrific NOT to post. Sorry, last one, we swears on the Dianetics handbook…


  6. This made me raise my eyebrows a little bit. Operative phrase: “Spread the wealth around”

  7. Yeah, it’s fucking CRAZY to have a candidate tell the consistent TRUTH no matter WHOM they are addressing, all right (including, apparently [from Fox’s FANTASTIC contextual backdrop to the clip they present here] PLUMBERS who make more than $250,000 a year [?]). ‘Tis FAR better to craft your “policy” around whichever group you are speaking with at any given particular moment, and then just disavow your previous words on a day-to-day basis and say you’re a POW who “understands sacrifice and honor” when challenged on the disparity. MAVERICK stuff is what THAT is! Die, Arabians! There’s a War on Tourism going on here! And we WILL *WIN*! YARGH!

    By the way, about one third of all Americans don’t pay INCOME taxes, retarded fuckhead Fox chick (and anyone who takes her at face value)! That same non-income taxed group, on average, pays MORE than the mean American who DOES pay income taxes in PAYROLL taxes—BOTH of which are factored in on a per-tax-schema basis in the Obama tax incentive plan. Nobody would be “getting a check… in the MAIL!” from the Obama administration that someone else would NOT—EXCEPT people making ABOVE a quarter of a million dollars a year! THAT part, at least, IS true.

    Speaking of which! The percentage of American citizens MAKING that kind of money would only have their tax rates RETURNED to the levels they were at during—everyone cross themselves—the REAGAN administration! Gasp! As it HAS been standing SINCE that time (i.e. since Bush I [aka “Urine Bush”]), on a per-capita-per-mean-citizen basis, THOSE people have been getting MUCH larger tax breaks (i.e. much LOWER tax RATES on their yearly income) than the people making LESS than $250,000 a year! You MAKE more; you PAY more! Crazy shit, huh?! “Socialist,” even! That’s the “redistribution of wealth” Obama was referencing in that clip.

    Reagan, you Commie FUCKWAD! You’ve created a mulatto MONSTER (and no, I did NOT mean John McCain’s out-of-wedlock daughter, either)!

    [Burning my commemorative “Reagan forgetting his first name during a United Nations conference” t-shirt]

    This is PRECISELY why you know NOTHING about politics, John. You watch/read this pre-fab partisan WAFFLE, and don’t have the intellectual curiosity to INVESTIGATE the claims of EITHER party as they are represented BY Fox, etc.—which is ALWAYS negative concerning anything non-“conservative”. Looking like an ass in public spheres must be addictive or somesuch, eh…?

  8. I took a history class in college strictly on Lincoln and we discussed the Lincoln-Douglas debates extensively. During the Freeport Debate, Lincoln asked a question later known as the ‘Freeport Question.’ Douglas was caught off guard and in his answer alienated southern consituents. While Douglas went on to win the election, this event primed Lincoln to beat out Douglas for the Presidency in 1860. Plumber Joe’s question to Obama may have had a similar effect. I don’t think it’ll change the game much, but it might make people take a second look.

    And stop looking at my ass in public spheres. I know it’s hard and tight like the Statue of David, but do your best to refrain. :)

  9. A few tidbits for you:

    “Joe Plumber” admitted to—*sigh*—Katie Couric that he makes nowhere NEAR the $250,000 mark for having his tax rate raised by Obama by 3% (Joe ALLUDED to making $100,000, meaning, in contrast, his rate will be LOWERED [mind you, the average American “plumber” makes about $48,000 a year]). So, just on the merits of qualitative value, Joe’s question means absolutely NOTHING. But just for the sake of argument…

    Were Joe to actually MAKE the amount he FABRICATED to “trip up” Obama—a pretty round and/or CONVENIENT number, if you think about it (“250 to 280 thousand dollars”; ANOTHER pretty large disparity in and of ITSELF, which ALSO just-so-happens to MATCH the amount Obama has declared as the cut-off point for tax increase/decrease)—his taxes would have gone up $900 per year—at the MOST! Not very “Stopping me from achieving the American Dream”-esque, IS it, when speaking of a business that (purportedly) rakes in nearly a third of a MILLION dollars annually?

    Just as a cherry-on-top sort of thing, I don’t suppose it MATTERS as to the veracity of Joe’s “gotcha journalism” in regards to Obama—and, ergo, McCain’s tactically-cynical “concern” in the debate-o-sphere just previous the election—that “Joe Plumber” is, very likely, a close relative of one Charles Keating, the man indicted in the “Keating Five” S&L scandal in which McCain was INVOLVED (and was admonished by the Senate FOR regarding his role therein before being allowed to skate—unlike the OTHER five involved Democratic Senators who were all LESS personally- and financially-involved with Keating than was MCCAIN—as the Senate has no reprimand jurisdiction over House of Representatives members [which McCain was at the time]), DOES it?

    Or that Joe’s not even REGISTERED to VOTE?

    Probably not…

  10. This video wasn’t about Joe the Plumber for me, it was about raising taxes on people who make $250,000, which will hopefully be me sooner rather than later. This year alone I will pay nearly $50,000 in taxes and I won’t get a dime back. And then I get to think about other tax hikes he’s considering, like taking the cap off social security, which is currently $97,000. Now while I don’t have to worry about capital gains, I understand why companies complain about the possibility of it doubling. I earned every penny and want to keep as much of it as possible. Yeah, yeah, I can here you saying “this is the world’s smallest violin” but I didn’t come from much and never asked anyone for anything. So who should tell me I make too much? Congratulations! You’re a success! Now give me more money so I can bail out failing institutions and such. This isn’t about Joe. But again, I think it will cause people to take a hard look at what’s going on.

    And Joe’s been a registered Republican since 1992.

  11. I understand what you’re talking about in wanting to keep what you earn. There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. However, in every “Republican” administration since Bush I, the appropriations collected on large earners and mega-corporations—the top 3% of taxpaying entities—have not only DWINDLED, but have been nearly EXEMPTED, personal tax rate percentage-wise, in comparison to those of small earning businesses and individuals that compose the “lower” 97% of the taxpaying citizenry.

    To clarify: practically EVERYTHING that has been paid for via taxation during these administrations—even, to a lesser extent, the Clinton administration—has been paid for, en majority, by taxes taken from the non-wealthy. To even FURTHER dumb that down: the people who make LESS have been paying, per mean income tax stratum, MORE than the people who’ve been earning MORE. Get it?

    In essence, to hyperbolize, poor people have been paying for rich people’s government. Those wealthy persons got EXACTLY the same benefits as the non-wealthy people did (infrastructurally; in health subsidies; defense; “victory” in Iraq for nearly a DECADE; blah, blah, blah ad INFINITUM), but, on a sliding scale basis concerning percentage OF wealth collected in taxes, they paid much LESS for what they GOT. Fuck… THAT.

    Given that indisputable reality, I PRESUME you whined histrionic and hypocritical like this for the non-wealthy who’ve been doing PRECISELY what you (and NOT Joe [as he makes about $40,000 a year, according to his own records, the lying FUCK]) are ABOUT to do, should Obama win—albeit without concomitant fear of impending BANKRUPTCY, such as the non-wealthy have had to endure—up UNTIL the point where you started raking it in, yeah? Right, John?

    Joe’s pretty lucky he lives in such a Democratic voting stronghold as is his county in Ohio. Otherwise, he might have been purged as a case of suspected “fraud” by “voting rights”-concerned “Republicans,” in that the douchebag didn’t even register with the correct spelling of his OWN last NAME (ergo, the non-registration confusion earlier in the day). But yeah, he IS, as he has repeatedly stated throughout his 15 minutes thus far, an “undecided” voter. Just a registered Republican one…

  12. this is some good reading!

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