Cool Americans

greg and i were at the pizza hut buffet on friday, so we’re pretty cool to begin with, but as we were leaving, i got to see a WAY cool person.

this lady, who looked as if she’d seen QUITE A FEW buffets in her years, stormed up to the check out counter.

“now i don’t know who our server was,” she said in a loud, well practiced, angry mother voice, “but she got us our drinks and then we waited for TEN MINUTES! i eventually had to go and get my plate by myself!”

my jaw dropped as i tried to figure out where she thought she was and what she thought a server at a buffet was supposed to do.

i waited for a minute, hoping that the man behind the counter would says something like, “well… looking at you, it seems the only exercise you ever get is walking between the buffet and your chair, so the server was actually doing you a favor.” but he just mumbled some half-hearted apology under his breath and we went home.

the end.



5 responses to “Cool Americans

  1. Man, I miss going to the Pizza Hut lunch buffet at the now obsolete 86th and Hickman Pizza Hut. That place was how every PH should be: dirty, greasy, old, slow, dimly lit, way too disgusting for its own good, employees with shirts you know they wash once a month if that.

  2. ps: Kind of related to that woman in your post, I overheard a woman yesterday say that she hasn’t exercised in a year because when she does exercise, she exercises for 8 hours. I almost lost it.

  3. that’s a good reason though

  4. i have a similar problem

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