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Mr. Rogers Visits A Synthesizer

mr. rogers. seriously. one of the greatest men to have ever lived.

i wish this clip was about 1 MILLION times longer, but it’s fun anyway.



found this on synthtopia

50 cent gives regards


Johnny Cash Remixed

so i just heard about this johnny cash remix album last night, and i’ll let ya know… i got interested. usually these tribute and/or remix albums are so very awful or boring or pointless or, if lucky, have maybe ONE good song on ’em, but if the original artist is someone i care about, i usually do get somewhat excited to hear ’em. then i hear ’em and get sad.

for this album, you can stream some of the songs on it’s website and judge for yourself, but i’m afraid this is, overall, and predictably, not worth the trouble.

for instance, the odt muzic (featuring snoop dogg) remix of “i walk the line” is so fucking bad. painfully bad. it’s one of those songs that makes you hate music. (and it’s the only one available for download from the website, so that probably tells ya who’s in charge of this project…)

however… a few of the artists have done a good job of putting their own spin on these classic songs without destroying them.

example: i kinda like what apparat’s done with “i heard that lonesome whistle blow”:

and here’s a short “making of” video:



Urgency on iTunes

Hey all. Just a quick word to let you know that Beati Paoli’s new album “A Sense of Urgency” is now available on iTunes! For ten cents cheaper than the physical copy, no less. So inbetween buying episodes of “Desperate Housewives” and “Steve Wilkos”, type in “Beati Paoli” and check it out!

or you can just click on THIS LINK!



3 things: women for mccain, new york times electoral map, and palin news

1. i’m also a woman for mccain.

2. here’s another bonus today: make sure to check out the new york times electoral map, which shows obama winning in a multitude of ways ! make your own map ! just make sure mccain loses.

and 3. there’s been news of palin’s $150,000 shopping spree, but my most favorite thing today is that her makeup artist was paid upwards of $20,000 for the first two weeks of october. her name is amy strozzi, and you can look at her imdb here.


Eye Jewelry…

From Core77’s design blog..

Eye Jewelry by Eric Klarenbeek

Apart from surgery, this is probably as close as we can get design to the eye. After five years of development, one of the boldest ideas in jewellery design is now undergoing tests and certification – a contact lens that becomes jewellery!

“Eye Jewellery is a concept by Dutch designer Eric Klarenbeek, who explores the potential of jewellery as an integral part of the human body. a combination of a pair of contact lenses and a string of tiny crystals makes a jewel that joins the movements of the eye and eyelid.”

If laboratory tests are successful, we might already see Eye Jewellery in the shops within a few months. Whether this piece of jewellery would look good on you? Just watch the Eye Jewellery video here.

via domus

Does Sarah Palin Even Know What A Vice President Does?

Asked by a third-grader what a vice president does, Republican candidate Sarah Palin responded that the vice president is the president’s “team mate” but also “runs the Senate” and “can really get in there with the senators and make a lot of good policy changes.”

…according to this article on



Austria Vs. Japan: Iowa Edition

I was made aware of the following story courtesy of our very own Joe Milik. He claims it took place in the building next to the one he is currently squating in while visiting Iowa City. I wasn’t going to post about it, as I figured it would be fairly big news. Not because it’s huge news, but merely because it’s strange. However, after mentioning this to several people and none being aware, I knew I had to do it…

Early Sunday morning in Iowa City, Iowa, two men, David Christian and Michael Steward, were playing chess and drinking heavily. At some point, a fight broke out and Christan proceeded to kill Steward. While a murder over a chess game is enough to get a chuckle at best, it is in the details where it gets interesting.

Christian grabbed Steward’s hands and held them while he placed Steward’s head between his legs, applying pressure to Steward’s neck.

Christian told police he did this again and again until Steward “didn’t look so good,” reports show. Police say they asked Christian to specify, and the defendant asked, “Have you ever see a dead person?”

(Daily Iowan)

Later, it was revealed that the leg lock performed was actually a jiu-jitsu move. However, it gets stranger, as a memorial site has begun to grow.

…friends and neighbors placed beer cans and other seemingly random items – a stick of butter, grapes – outside of Steward’s apartment door, which was emblazoned with: DEAD. The word was written thickly in black ink. Underneath it, a knife was jammed into the door.

(Daily Iowan)

Past enstallments of Austra Vs. Japan:

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Mexican Drug Lords

So, have people been following the decapitations that have been going on lately? I’m not sure if decapitations happen regularly around the world or if it’s just being reported heavily due to the really weird one (Yes, must be extremely weird for a decapitation to stand out as really weird.) that happened on the Canadian Greyhound bus. But anyway, I guess it might not be completely due to the ease of being able to reference readers back to a top story because the decapitations kept happening in Mexico.

The first Mexican decapitation article I read about was back in early August of this year. The initial article was vague and stated something along the lines of, “A few bodies were found without heads. There was a message written on their backs. The end.” Since that article, I’ve read about a few more beheadings:

Aug 27: In Tijuana, three decapitated bodies were found with attached, drug-related messages. The burnt heads were found at a separate, nearby location.

Aug 29: Eleven headless bodies were found in Yucatan, again, with messages and burnt heads found nearby.

Oct 20: Four heads that were originally mistaken for medical use were received at a police station in Ascension–a northern Mexican city that neighbors a Ciudad Juarez, which has had over 3,800 drug-related murders this year.

There’s a lot more drug-related violence, kidnapping, scandal, protest and murder that has been happening in Mexico. You can read the articles here.

Being removed from the situation, I don’t really have much to comment, other than it’s interesting and shocking and this is one of the reasons you shouldn’t use illegal drugs that you have no idea where they came from. So I will say that I’m looking forward to Scarface II: Tijuana Invasion.

Will Smith

Right now I’m listening to the Will Smith Greatest Hits and i’ve come to the conclusion….Men In Black sucks and Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It is far superior. The best song though I would have to say is A Nightmare On My Street. Will Smith is the shit. I think everyone should take a minute out of their day and appreciate some Will Smith.