McCain being dumb

In case you haven’t heard, McCain wants to postpone campaigning and debating so he can concentrate on the economy? wtf? First of all, he’s not in a position to DO anything about the economy. He is a single senator with very little pull in economical matters. Additionally, he has no credit on the subject as he’s admitted his ignorance on the matter so many times that even preschoolers are aware of it. I don’t hold that ignorance against him, no one can be an expert in every field, but postponement is so cheesy and pandering it’s ridiculous. Are we supposed to think, “Holy shit, he’s so serious and concerned that he’s putting everything aside to fix the economy! We love McCain!” ? I hope the real reason is that he just needs a few extra days to put together his economic plan together and then resumes campaigning because otherwise it’s pathetic.

So far I like what he’s said over the last week: fuck a government bailout. In fact, I’m glad that MOST Republicans AND Democrats are hesitant regarding the bailout. I mean, if that’s not a fucking free lunch I don’t know what is. So why is the Archconservative George W. so in favor of it? I think capitalism is great but it’s not always going to be perfect. Basically, capitalism fucked up and it has to fix itself. If the government hands over $700 billion to the same people that fucked up, then our government is full of dirty commies! Better dead than red, right? So, McCain, please continue to say: Fuck a bailout. But say it NOW without postponements. Oh, also, have Palin killed. And also, quit being a complete sellout. And quit running dishonest campaign ads. And Obama, don’t be such a pussy.


One response to “McCain being dumb

  1. I think the purpose of the move is to make the general dumbass voting constituency think, “Why hasn’t OBAMA done similarly? Unpatriotic prick. He doesn’t care about my investments. He must really BE a Muslim. I’ll vote for whoever is the alternative; the modestly-Christian candidate. And that IS…? Either way, I’m SO white!”

    John McCain, today alone, has ALREADY held a press conference in which he stated the much-maligned-and-debated “bailout” bill which would, essentially, give carte blanche to the Secretary of the Treasury—WITH an inclusive clause contained therein, mind you, stating the particulars of his apportionment of said monies can NEVER be investigated retroactively by ANY agency, legal or otherwise—to give whomever WHATEVER ($700 million being a pretty ridiculously-large “whatever”), if passed, was, to paraphrase, “Fucking poifect, my friends my friends my friends FRIENDS my! John like toothpaste is tasty!” That’s how much of a “fuck bailouts” kind of guy Lie-Lie McJowels is. You’re deluding yourself if you honestly think this is ANYTHING but an attempt to jostle the rising poll numbers away from Obama with some well-placed shenanigans.

    And, news flash: McCain has ALREADY officially suspended his campaign. He would LIKE Obama to do the same. He’s even said he will just ignore the first debate date if the bill isn’t passed by that time. Like, skip it. I wonder if Obama gets the floor for the duration of the pre-established timeframe if something like that happens.

    (Tangent: Did you KNOW John McCain was a POW? Christmas CHRIST, man… I’m glad I just recently found out via my underground network of newshound fanatic types, or I would’ve thought him capable of unethical behavior. *Phew* I’d look quite jackassy THEN.)

    As for Palin’s assassination, McCain’s campaign is, in fact, going to GREAT lengths to see that their The One comes to no harm. She would be dead many times over ALREADY, in actuality, had it not been for the campaign committee’s oversight of her daily a’doins—Governorship of Alaska, as it should happen, and ALL (whee!). It turns out she has a habit of shoving eating utensils all the way through the back of her throat, “Dead Alive” zombie family dinner stylee, when eating anything requiring more apparatus than just her bare hands or a gun. She reportedly had 17 spoonectomies within the first WEEK of having been announced McCain’s running mate/fill-in ticket headliner, before the McCainees got wise. Little-known fact. So I don’t think your wish is likely to be fulfilled any time soon.

    My suggestion? Wish for her to be raped. According to many “Republicans,” she’s, supposedly, quite “hot”. There’s a much better chance, law of averages-wise, of her rape coming to fruition, what with the rednecky, orifice invasion-friendly complexion of the majority of the now-defunct GOP. And your “wishes granted” batting average would only blossom by it. Them are friend prices.

    McCain will NEVER stop being a complete sellout and/or running dishonest ads. He’s dead in three years or less, statistically speaking. He’s got the crafting his shithead legacy to consider. Grow up, you little bitch.

    Obama will NEVER stop being a pussy, either! He’s an OP, you fuckin’ BG! Deal widdit, sucka! PA-A-ACE!

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