Palin’s glasses

So. Governor Palin has inspired a bunch of fucking idiots to get glasses just like hers and now there’s a TWO MONTH WAIT for the particular model she favors. I’m not annoyed with Palin or anything – she’s just wearing glasses she likes – but Jesus, what’s up with all these fucking sheep that order copy cat glasses? Just imagine, if McCain-Palin wins, there’s going to be a media frenzy if she ever changes to a different pair. If she is elected she’s going to get attention for all the wrong reasons from both men and women. And GOD, just imagine if she gets pregnant again while in office, which I think is likely. The press will go berzerk and mindless office bitches across the nation will stop chatting about AMERICAN IDOL and start chatting about how excited they are for Palin Jr being born soon. Once again, this rant isn’t aimed at Palin but rather our country, which will turn into a giggly middle school class if/when she is elected.



One response to “Palin’s glasses

  1. I saw that today. I know this isn’t related to your thought, but the first thing I thought was, “The glasses aren’t even cool looking.” Also, at this rate, Palin is more of a celebrity than Obama?

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