Some shit because I was left alone

Yo! I’m in New York on tour with Beati Paoli. Things are going pretty good. The guys went to go park the cars in on the otherside of town where they will be safe and not have to pay for parking. I drove since 4 am and drove through New York City. Fuck this city (for driving purposes) So they left because I haven’t slept since 4 and I was feeling sick. Now I’m bored and I haven’t posted on here for a while and it seems kind of dead, so hopefully I can put some cool shit up here.

I have recently become very fond of Heroes. The newest season starts September 22nd. I’m really really really excited about it. Heather and I have spent the last couple months catching up with Heroes seasons 1 & 2. I really like this show because it doesn’t just focus on the super powers of people but more how they react to the world with amazing abilities. The actors are great and the storyline weaves together really well. And surprisingly there’s not too many cliches or other dumb “super power” story bullshit to make it cartoonie. The show is really dark as well. Lots of people are offed in some pretty brutal ways. If you want you can get a hold of me and we can have Heroes sessions and catch you all up for Season 3: Villains!!!

While on tour I’ve been reading the Essential Punisher collection. It is very good. Punisher is an underrated character for being very dynamic. I think you can write the Punisher as several different styled characters but everyone tends to write him one way…I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU. I want to write Punisher comics where he’s afraid of heights. That would be some shit.

I’ve started reading a biography on Moondog the 6th Ave Viking. He’s awesome. He was blind, homeless and an accomplished composer. He was also racist but most of his friends, to his lament, were black or jewish. Tough luck. The book came with a complimentary CD with several of his highlights. I listened to it on repeat from 4 am to 9 am or so when we finally parked in New York. That’s a lot of Moondoggin’.

Matt has been putting up lots of rap album reviews. Hey Matt…SUCK IT.

Driving in the van is insane. But it’s lots of fun.

Now everyone is here. Boo.


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