Muzik eRRRRRRRRRRviewws (the 3rd of many)

Prodigy – Return of the Mac (Infamous/Koch, 2007)
No, this is not an album by British electronic group Prodigy, but rather American MC, Prodigy, of the group Mobb Deep. This disc serves as one of the very best examples of the term ‘mixtape’ being completely misused. The purpose of this release was supposedly to create buzz for Prodigy’s next “real album,” which was released earlier this year. But the label treated it much more like a regular album than a mixtape – two singles were even released to promote it, for poop’s sake. So make no mistake, this is a proper album, but there are some elements that distinguish it from a typical Prodigy album. For one thing, instead of tracking down some hot current producers, the beats for the entire album are provided by Alchemist and this is why I bought the album. Alchemist’s beats are melodic and very tight. They really aren’t very grimy but they still bear a hard edge. Another atypical element for a Prodigy album is that there are no attempts at annoying crossover hits. Much of the rapping sounds freestyled, in a good way. Unfortunately, there is a theme to the album and it is: guns. BORING. At least Prodigy practices what he preaches – he received a prison sentence last year for repeated illegal possession of firearms. Grade: B

Oh No – Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms (Stones Throw, 2006)
Oh No can now claim to be one of Stones Throw’s mainstays and he definitely earned it with this, his second album. His first album, released in 2004, sounded a lot like standard Stones Throw fare, with Madlib even producing about a third of the tracks. Oh No was featured on the mic throughout the album. For EXODUS INTO UNHEARD RHYTHMS, Oh No focuses much more on his production and barely graces the mic. Oh No establishes his own sound, no longer sounding like Madlib Jr. For good measure, every song on the album is constructed with samples from recordings by Galt McDermott, the composer of several musicals, including HAIR. Each track features a different MC or singer and many of them choose to tell stories to very good effect. The bad thing about story-based songs is that the story can get boring after multiple listens but these songs are definitely more creative and rewarding than the usual rap boasts. Good job, Oh No. Grade: A-



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6 responses to “Muzik eRRRRRRRRRRviewws (the 3rd of many)

  1. Love Oh No… T Biggums & Smile a Lil’ Bit are my 2 faves.

    have you read Alchemist’s blog?
    – good stuff

    hope touring is going well and fun and stuff


  2. Oh no is damn solid (T Biggums & Smile a Lil Bit = my 2 faves) Have you heard any of Galt’s stuff? I’ve got a few of his albums on my amazon wishlist, but that’s about as far as I’ve got.

    have you read Alchemist’s blog?
    – good stuff. He visits P in jail too!!!

    hope tour is going well and fun and stuff.


  3. oh no is great. t biggums & Smile a Lil Bit = my 2 faves.

    have you read alchemist’s blog?
    good stuff – he blogs about visiting P in prison!

  4. I actually did see that blog entry. My favorite part was when ALC ate Doritoz.

  5. Ugh, WordPress hates John. It kept rejecting his comments and I just noticed today so, no, he didn’t just write the same shit over and over cuz he’s retarded. Rather, he wrote it over and over cuz WordPress is retarded.

    Anyway, I have not heard any Galt solo stuff and my list of music is so stupidly long that he may have to wait forever unless you say he’s awesome after you listen to him more.

  6. goddammit. that prodigy album title and cover make me want to die.

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